Victoria Kotlyarova: Victoria Means Victory!

In the previous issue of our newspaper, we wrote about the fact that among the 36 young Kyivans awarded the Kyiv Mayor's Award for special achievements of youth in the development of the capital of Ukraine this year, there also were several Kyiv polytechnicians.

Good news for the young scientists community of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was that Victoria Kotlyarova, a senior teacher of the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics, became the winner in the category "Scientific achievements" among the best representatives of the gifted youth of our capital. Today's story is about her.

There is no doubt that Victoria Kotlyarova is one of the best representatives of the young generation of scientists of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automatics. She demonstrated her first scientific achievements while still a student and a postgraduate student. Colleagues and students respect her for her bright human qualities, industriousness, willingness to help, creative search and high productivity.

Viktoria Volodymyrivna's research interests are related to the structural synthesis of electromechanical disintegrators of multifactor action, according to the genetic program of which, a genetic bank of innovations was created for the first time using the technology of genetic prediction and directed synthesis. The world’s first competitive electromechanical energy converters for technological purposes were developed, patented, designed and manufactured on the basis of this bank. Victoria Kotlyarova systematically presents them at national and international exhibitions, competitions and conferences.

Currently, the young scientist takes an active part in carrying out the joint Ukrainian-Slovak research project "Use of innovative synthesis technologies in the self-acting motor-spindles creation" (2022-2023). She is one of the most active members of the scientific group "Genetic prediction and complex electromechanical systems innovative synthesis ", representing the scientific school "Structural and systemic research in electromechanics". Victoria is also the responsible executor of a number of initiative research and development efforts, and the head of the Genetic and Structural Electromechanics Scientific Club. She is directly involved in training students whose scientific works become the best at international and all-Ukrainian competitions. The researcher provides the annual electronic issue of the international scientific and technical journal of young scientists, postgraduates and students "Actual problems of electrical engineering and automation"; she is a co-author of a textbook, a foreign collective monograph (presented in the scientometric database Scopus) and a collective monograph in Ukraine, 12 study guides (two of which are English-language) and 8 research and methodological publications, more than 80 scientific publications, 17 titles of protection of Ukraine.

Thanks to her high achievements in educational, scientific, innovative and public work, Viktoria Kotlyarova won the "Young research teaching fellow" university competition for three years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021), was awarded the Certificate of Acknowledgement of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine (2019), and a Recognition Certificate (2020), as well as many other awards of various levels.

In Roman mythology, Victoria is the personified goddess of victory. Victoria was honored as a symbol of the triumph of good over evil, military victory and valour. We sincerely congratulate our Victoria on another high award and wish her new creative achievements on Ukraine's thorny path to victory!

Vasyl Shynkarenko 
and the staff of the Department of Electromechanics 
of the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics