Despite the war, life continues, including at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. On April 4 the educational process at the university was resumed in a more flexible mode, adapted to the opportunities of each student.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Anatolii Melnychenko explained to students what to expect from studies in the near future.

How are classes held now?

There are several alternatives to continue your studies at the moment. Those who have the opportunity to study synchronously, take classes remotely according to the schedule, and those who do not have the opportunity, study asynchronously, learning the theoretical material and completing tasks at a convenient time for them.

The form of getting knowledge of the particular subject is agreed with the teacher, who should be prepared for different variants for educational interaction with students. Deadlines for submission of works (calculation works, courseworks, etc.) should be set taking into account the real possibilities of each student to be on schedule, and penalty scoring for violation of such deadlines should be abolished.
To increase the efficiency of the educational process at the university, the procedure for recognizing the results obtained through non-formal / informal education has been simplified. Now the decision to recognize the results is made by the teacher, and the subject commission is created only in controversial cases.

The limit on the number of credits that can be recognized for the academic year has also been temporarily lifted. If the student is volunteering, bearing arms against occupiers, or simply does not have the opportunity to study the material and perform tasks regularly - there is an option to obtain an individual schedule or academic leave under a simplified procedure.

What about this year's graduates?

To date, in agreement with students in 123 undergraduate programs, the form of certification to the qualifying exam has been changed in 67 ones. In such situations, changes are made to the curriculum; programs of qualifying exams and assessment criteria are developed. Even if the bachelor's thesis is changed to the qualifying examination, it is possible, as an exception, to report on the results of the thesis, if it was done earlier, and to obtain an examination score on this basis.

In addition, according to the decision of the Methodological Council for some educational programs that have a valid certificate of accreditation of the specialty (rather than educational program), you can apply an additional model: leave doing a bachelor's thesis to those students who want and have the opportunity to do it, and transfer others (who want to pass the exam due to the inability to do a bachelor's thesis) to the newly created educational program according to their applications. It will differ from the previous one only in the volume of undergraduate practice and passing the exam. In case of transfer to such a program, the additional transfer work is not required.

For masters graduates studying in educational and scientific programs, the form of certification remains unchanged - doing and defending a master's thesis.

What to do in case of problems or misunderstandings?

University policy suggests that every student who wishes to continue their studies should be assisted in exercising the right to education in accordance with their current opportunities and taking into account their current situation and circumstances, and the educational process itself should be as flexible and convenient as possible.

In case of violations or misunderstandings with teachers regarding the format of education in a particular discipline or any unreasonable requirements, the student may contact the head of the department, dean or vice-rector in the relevant field. Resorts to chatbots of DEW and deans' offices are also promptly processed.

It should be noted that during the announced spring holidays the university published a list of disciplines of the distance learning platform "Sikorsky", for which the student could register and complete with the subsequent possibility of credit, e.g. as optional.
Take care of yourself and stay motivated!

Press Service of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

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