The team of the project "Foresight COVID-19" of the World Data Centre "Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development" of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute published a study of the level of confidence of Ukrainian society in vaccination against COVID-19. The analysis was conducted by online monitoring of more than 5,000 of the most popular Ukrainian and foreign media resources and social networks using the integrated on-line platform "Advanced Analytics" of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Information and Analytical Situation Centre. The expert conclusions of the L.V. Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine were taken into account. 

It has been shown that COVID vaccination in different countries and regions of the world is characterized by different rates of implementation and different levels of public confidence. While Britain and the United States have already vaccinated up to 2% of the population and Israel 16%, vaccination is just beginning in the EU. In Ukraine, this process takes place only at the level of public discussion. The highest levels of confidence in vaccination are observed in China, Brazil, South Africa and South Korea. There is a positive attitude to vaccination  in Spain, Denmark, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. The lowest levels of trust are observed in Poland, Russia, France and Ukraine - 56%, 54%, 46% and 24% respectively.

Monitoring the attitude of Ukrainians to vaccination against COVID-19 showed their significant uncertainty, which ranges from 53% to 81% with a conflict rate of C = 0.33. The maximum polarization of opinions in society is achieved at C = 1. In the segment of the studied media resources and social networks, there was a balance between the number of positive and negative attitudes, which ranged from 10% to 24% with little positive synergy in society.

Regarding the use of specific vaccines, the greatest public trust of Ukrainians is given to the vaccine of Oxford Uni - AstraZeneca. The Moderna vaccine is in second place. On the third - Sinovac Biotech. On the fourth - Pfizer - BioNTech. And on the last - Gamaleya Sputnik V. Regarding the possible registration and use of the Russian vaccine Gamaleya Sputnik V in Ukraine, the results indicate a high level of uncertainty about the attitude of the population to the feasibility of its use in Ukraine (from 62% to 86%), with approximately equal number of positive and negative responses in the range (8 % -24%).

Preparations for the mass vaccination of the population of Ukraine against COVID-19 should be supported by active information support at the state level. In order to plan this event, it is advisable to assess the real incidence of COVID-19 in Ukraine by creating data collection networks to detect cases of COVID-19, which were not confirmed by PCR testing and were not included in official statistics.

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