How to provide educational and scientific activities in a pandemic and cost savings conditions. From the report of the vice-rector for administrative work Vadym Kondratiuk at a meeting of the Academic Council on April 5, 2021

The activities of the Departments of Economic Affairs, Property and Social Affairs and Security are carried out within the framework of the “Development Strategy of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and aimed at maintaining the existing material and technical base in normal operating condition, creating the necessary conditions to ensure the educational and scientific activities of higher education applicants and university staff, ensuring safe working conditions during a difficult epidemiological situation.

The property complex of the university consists of 36 educational buildings, 20 dormitories, 6 residential buildings, 4 recreation centres for students and staff, the Centre of Culture and Arts, the Scientific and Technical Library, outbuildings. The total area of the premises is 546.5 thousand m2, the total area is 160 hectares, including the recreation centre - 35 hectares.

The Department of Economic Work covers the scope of activities to ensure the operation, maintenance, repair work and improvement of university facilities.

The total amount of funds used in 2020 for repair and restoration works at the university facilities amounted to UAH 60.0 million, which is 64% more than in 2019. Particular attention was paid to the repair of classrooms, training laboratories and common areas, improving the reliability of energy supply facilities and energy savings.

Repair works worth UAH 9.7 million were performed by the production and maintenance plant, which is 19.6% more than in 2019, by third-party contractors - for UAH 46.3 million, by the campus on its own -for UAH 2.6 million.  The share of work performed by units on their own has increased - UAH 1.4 million, which is 5 times more than in 2019. For the previous five years, this amount did not exceed UAH 300,000 per year (slide 1).

In the current year, in order to improve the quality of repair work and reduce the time of their implementation, it is necessary to increase the number of skilled workers of the production and maintenance plant. This will increase the share of work performed by employees of the plant and reduce the involvement of third-party contractors.

Maintenance of the material base of the campus. During 2020, a set of measures aimed at improving the living conditions of students was organized and implemented in campus: capital and cosmetic repairs of some living rooms and common areas in 16 dormitories, reconstruction of individual heating stations in dormitories №№ 8, 21, overhaul of roofs in dormitory №№ 4, 12, 14, completion of seven new elevators in dormitories №№ 15 , 16, 19, 20. A significant component of the total expenditure of the campus are repair and restoration works - about 22 million UAH, of which 2.5 million UAH was used by the repair and construction site of the campus operation service, 219 thousand UAH - production and maintenance plant, 19 million UAH - contractors (slide 2).

The main task of optimizing the implementation of repair work on campus is the development of its own repair and construction site in order to perform at least half of the total repair and restoration work

Utilities. I would like to note that in 2020 a significant amount of work was done under the Energy Efficiency Program for 2020-2024, which aims to comprehensively renovate university buildings using modern technologies and energy efficient equipment. The implementation of the Program will significantly improve the comfortable conditions in the premises both in winter and in summer, which will have a positive impact on the quality of educational services and will significantly save the university budget.

Utility costs account for 5% of the university's budget. Last year, tariffs for thermal energy for educational buildings decreased by 3%, and for dormitories increased by 1.2%; for electricity for educational buildings decreased by 6.5%, and for dormitories remained unchanged, for cold water increased by 8%.

The total cost of energy consumed last year amounted to over UAH 90 million, which is UAH 34 million less than in 2019. The saved funds are directed to the university development fund. In 2020, the university consumed: thermal energy - in the amount of UAH 49 million, electricity - UAH 26 million, cold water - UAH 14.7 million, natural gas - UAH 186 thousand. Compared to 2019, consumption decreased: thermal energy - by 12%, electricity - by 21%, cold water - by 29%, natural gas - by 47% (slide 3). During the year, the energy management service carried out work to reimburse the university for illegally issued bills for consumed thermal energy in the amount of more than 90 thousand UAH and about 200 thousand UAH for water supply and sewerage services.

Electricity consumption reduced: in educational buildings - by 14.7%, campus - by 28.5%. In total, more than UAH 12 million was spent on energy saving measures. The consumption of cold water in the campus decreased by 28.8%, and in the educational buildings - by 30%. But the reduction in water consumption in campus is not proportional to the reduction in the number of residents in dormitories. Therefore, in 2021 it is necessary to pay attention to the state of plumbing equipment and engineering networks of the campus.

Energy saving. Last year, individual heating stations were reconstructed in three educational buildings, 9 projects of individual heating stations reconstruction were developed, 6 of which are planned to be replaced this year. The project of warming of the classrooms of zone A-1 of the building 7 was also realized, which allowed to raise the temperature in the educational premises to the level of sanitary norms (60 C higher than before warming).

We continue to install plastic windows and doors of entrance groups: in educational buildings they were replaced for more than UAH 3 million, with an area of 944 m2; in dormitories - for over UAH 1 million, with an area of 579 m2. In 2020, the line of production of metal-plastic windows was redesigned and now it uses energy-efficient double-glazed windows with energy-saving coating in production.

Over the last year, significant work has been done on the development of the remote energy monitoring system: appropriate equipment was purchased and remote readings of heat meters were provided in 30 educational buildings. The equipment was installed by a leading engineer of the energy management service, which saved more than UAH 50,000. Next year it is planned to implement remote readings from water meters and some electricity meters in educational buildings.

In cooperation with the departments of APEPS and ATEP of the Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering, the creation of software for the energy monitoring system continues. This set of measures will allow not only to monitor and record energy consumption o-nline at the university, but also to identify the key causes of overspending and promptly influence their elimination. Implementation of the project will save up to 5-10% of energy resources, which in monetary terms is 5-10 million UAH per year.

The energy efficiency action plan for 2021 includes the following areas: thermal protection of buildings, modernization of heat management and remote energy monitoring.

Ecological safety. Last year, the Department of Environmental Control was established within the Department of Economic Work. During this time, a significant set of works was performed to eliminate the observations according to instructions of the State Ecological Inspectorate of the capital district. In particular, the Rector's Regulations on Waste Management at the University were developed and approved by the Rector's order, a number of permits were obtained, protection signs were made for the University's nature reserve facilities, and fluorescent lamps, chemical and other hazardous wastes were disposed of. Taken out for recycling: fluorescent lamps - 10000, tires - 145, chemical waste - 4000 kg and other hazardous waste.

In pursuance of the Law of Ukraine "On Waste", a system of separate garbage collection and sorting will be introduced at the university after the end of quarantine restrictions. This project is not only economically attractive, as it will reduce the cost of garbage removal, but also important for the preservation of our environment. Implementation of the first stage of the project began in 2020, namely: we purchased containers that are currently used for the disposal of personal protective equipment, and then will be used for sorting paper, plastic and glass; a branch shredder was purchased, which makes it possible to reduce the volume of removed waste generated as a result of plantation care. This will save money on the removal of bulky waste in the amount of 250 thousand UAH / year. Shredded firewood can be used for heating wellness units, which will save an additional 40-50 thousand UAH for the purchase of solid fuel.

Automotor transport company. Much attention is paid to the work of the automotor transport section, which operates on an economic accounting basis. In 2020, compared to 2019, its revenues increased by 17% and expenditures - by 14%. In total, almost UAH 752,000 was received from third-party legal entities and individuals for the provision of paid car services. This indicates a positive trend in the enterprise operation.

During the year, an excavator-loader, trucks and passenger cars were purchased to optimize and improve the company's performance and increase its revenues. In order to develop the transport company, it is important to upgrade its mobile stock, including the purchase of special equipment.

Fire Security. Over the past year, much attention has been paid to fire security. The University has passed an extraordinary inspection by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, as a result of which fire security measures have been strengthened: 65% of the proposed instructions were fulfilled, 143 inspections on compliance with current requirements and "Rules of fire safety in Ukraine" were carried out, the system of automatic fire alarm in 14 educational buildings was put into work, 86 fire drills were carried out at recreation centres "Polytechnic" and "Lighthouse” .

More than UAH 3 million was attracted for fire-fighting measures in 2020. Maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems was carried out, cabinets and stands on fire safety were equipped, fire safety signs indicating directions and ways of evacuation were placed in the buildings, the following was purchased: fire extinguishers - 1155, fire hoses - 538, fire trunks - 410. Design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of the fire alarm system and alarm system for four educational buildings and all dormitories of the campus has been developed.

From February 25 to March 11, 2021, a scheduled inspection on technogenic and fire security was held. As a result, we have received acts and new instructions, for which we must work together to implement before the new academic year. Please, pay special attention to this area of work and act in accordance with the issued orders and directives.

The plans for 2021 - installation of automatic fire alarms in campus dormitories and academic buildings, training on fire security with officials, maintenance of primary fire extinguishers, impregnation of refractory wooden structures of attics and continuation of high-quality fire safety briefings for university staff.

Improvement of the university. We are constantly working on landscaping. Christmas trees were formed in front of the main building, the territory in front of the academic buildings №17, 20, the Centre of Culture and Arts was renovated, the square "Pioneers of Aviation" was created near the building №4  by the Department of Aviation and Cosmonautics of SPM, where more than 150 saplings of birch, spruce, maple and sycamore were planted, a new alley of sakura trees was created (slide 4). A total of UAH 4.6 million was allocated for the improvement of the university territory last year.

This year it is planned to improve the territory between academic buildings №7 and 16, near academic buildings №18 and 28. Lets note that the economic work was carried out in close cooperation with the University Development Council: there was a discussion and approval of landscaping projects, decisions were made on funding for the maintenance and improvement of material and technical base.

Department of Property and Social Affairs. Nowadays it is important to protect employees and students and create conditions for remote work. All units, according to the requests of managers, were provided with protective and antiseptic agents. The premises where people are working on a daily basis are treated daily with disinfectant and chlorine-containing solutions, monitored and appropriate preventive measures are taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection at the university.

Last year, the Student Nutrition Center organized safe meals for 2,500 students, 550 cadets and 4,000 employees, including at recreation centres during the health season. Revenues of the Student Nutrition Center in 2020 decreased by UAH 11 million, i.e. by 40%.

Health departments of the university. In compliance with all quarantine requirements, during the health season in 2020, our recreation centres were visited by 1,100 employees and their families (32% less than in 2019), as well as 437 students (34.5% more than in 2019). Revenues from health services decreased by 31% and amounted to UAH 4.7 million.

About UAH 1 million earned by health-improving units was allocated for the development of the bases, while the price of the voucher remained one of the lowest among the HEI of Ukraine. A project to build a new horticultural non-profit partnership (HNP) building, Globus, is currently being developed. The approximate start of construction is the second quarter of 2022. The HNP "Polytechnic" cleaned the lake and reconstructed the heating system in the building №2 for year-round operation.

To provide students and employees with medical services, cooperation has been established with the Kyiv City Student Polyclinic. To receive free medical care, students and staff can choose a therapist and sign a declaration with him. The educational and scientific health-improving complex "Health of KPI" is created on the basis of the medical base of the department of biomedical engineering. The resumption of the sanatorium, which will also be included in this complex is among the priority tasks of the department.

The Procurement Departmenthas concluded more than 1,000 agreements and made 1,538 procurements, which is 10% more than last year. The amount of savings from the expected contract price amounted to UAH 30.9 million (30% more than last year). To simplify procurement, a fundamentally new supply scheme has been introduced, which provides units with goods and services on a "single window" basis. The "KPI Buyer" system has been developed, which will facilitate the work in 2021. (slide 5).

The Department of Area Use Control systematically monitored the use of areas at the university. The area of academic buildings is 353 thousand m2, of which 117 thousand m2 is allocated for educational activities and 5 thousand m2 - for scientific activities. Last year, 716.8 m2 was transferred to the educational fund. The university rents 4104 m2. During the year, a commission worked to check the effectiveness of the use of university space.

The social and household department works with the victims of the Chernobyl accident (50 people) and keeps their records. In 2020, a grant in the amount of UAH 186,000 was won for the organization of charity lunches for pensioners, the disabled and the elderly who worked at the university.

 Together with the Department of Economic Work, employees of the department took part in the New Year's decoration of the façade of the main building.

The activities of the Department of Security were aimed at ensuring the preservation of inventory of the university. A significant reduction in all types of offences  should be noted (slide 6). This is facilitated by the conditions of work and study during quarantine and the transfer of the educational process to distance mode.

New access control and management systems have been introduced in five academic buildings, and it is planned to install them in four more. In 2020, 21 video surveillance cameras were installed. A total of 143 cameras are currently operating. In 2021, it is planned to install 40 modern IP cameras. Due to numerous cyberattacks on the servers and information resources of the university, we are constantly cooperating with representatives of the cyberpolice and the Security Service of Ukraine to prevent such situations.

On the basis of the Centre for Physical Education and Sports (CPES) there are 23 national teams that participate in competitions at the city, national and international levels. In 2020, 5 tournaments and championships among HEI of Kyiv, and one of All-Ukrainian level were held on the basis of CPES.  The maintenance and development of the material and technical base of the CPES is carried out through the provision of paid sports services;  UAH 4.6 million was received in 2020 (12.8% less than in the previous year).

Last year, the CPES carried out repair and restoration work on the premises and bowls of the training pool, the tower of the swimming pool, and the lighting of the small sports core. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Sports Complex can provide competitions of different levels in various sports, but it is necessary to renovate the building and utilities, overhaul the pool bowl and football fields, and so on.

Civil Protection. In order to ensure preventive and anti-epidemic measures, an emergency response headquarters was established, data collection, analysis and generalization of data on the epidemiological situation at the university was organized (215 higher education students and 172 employees fell ill during the whole period). Disinfection of 72 rooms in academic buildings on the area of 2000 thousand m2 and 190 living rooms of dormitories of the campus with a total area of over 7000 thousand m2 was performed.

The Department of Occupational Safety focused on training for occupational safety and health, preparation of information posters on the use of personal protective equipment, etc. (slide 7). A package of documents on certification of 38 workplaces has also been prepared for 141 employees who will receive benefits for working in hazardous conditions.

Some of the high-priority plans for 2021. For the Department of economic work: providing conditions for keeping the auditorium fund in proper operational and technical condition, implementation of equipment modernization measures, implementation of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Program, implementation of fire-fighting measures, scheduled repairs, landscaping and reconstruction works, etc. For the Department of Property and Social Affairs: organization and ensuring the development of health units, development of a program of comprehensive examination of the health of employees and students, support and implementation of social projects and more. For the Department of security: introduction and maintenance of modern means of control and communications, introduction of the corresponding software for realization of more effective safety measures, etc. For the Centre for Physical Education and Sports: carrying out repair work, landscaping, replacement of equipment, water supply, development of information resources and more. For The Department of Occupational Safety: conducting inspections of the state of labour protection of structural units, training and testing of knowledge on labour protection, certification of jobs and introductory briefings. For civil protection: conducting tasks on providing protection in the conditions of the emergency mode, training of participants in the educational process and their protection against consequences of emergency situations.