Three-days marathon of "Sikorsky Challenge 2019" is completed. Winners of competition of startup-project with the same name as a festival, 42 developments are confessed. Their authors signed the preliminary agreements with potential investors, or were marked by the International expert judge and partners of innovative ecosystem of "Sikorsky Challenge".

“I want to mark very effective work of our International judge, - noticed on a closing ceremony of festival rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute academician of NAS Ukraine Mykhailo Zghurovskyi. - In fact from 59 developments, 42 were marked by investors”!

A main prize for five finalists of competition "Sikorsky Challenge 2019", that were chosen by a company "Golden Egg Technology" (PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA), became certificates on participating in the competition of startups in Guangzhou, that will pass in November 2019. The representatives of company also signed agreements with authors about a collaboration.

In negotiations and signing agreements also took part the heads and representatives of scientific and technical growth Fund named after V. Mykhalevych (Ukraine), company "Yau Lee Group" (South Korea), Azerbaijan business-incubator of "EAZISTART" and companies "Lionique London Limited" (Great Britain).

In addition, 10 most interesting developments of the youngest participants of competition - the members of the Small academy of sciences were marked by Presidential Fund of Leonid Kuchma.

More detailed information about projects, confessed as winners, see on the web-site of festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2019"

On a photo: the winners of the festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2019", his organizers and members of the International judge after signing of agreements and rewarding ceremony.

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