Rooftop Solar Power Station

Energy conservation is now one of the components of successful development of individual enterprises and the whole country as well. Nowadays modern equipment and new technologies allow to save money on utilities and provide own energy. Therefore, using of alternative energy sources in combination with traditional energy supply systems is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the use of energy-saving technologies.

As part of a research work «Study of the optimal functioning of integrated energy supply systems for consumers using integrated storage of electrical and thermal energy», which was included in the list of winners in the competitive selection of projects of scientific and technical developments of young scientists of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2017, a study was conducted using the concept of Energy Hubs as an integrated energy supply systems in Ukraine. One of the tasks was to investigate sources with dispersed generation under operating conditions that can be used as part of intelligent energy systems. To conduct research, the project executors together with students and engineering staff of the IEE designed and mounted on the roof of building № 22 the Solar Power Station. According to the project for the placement of the Solar Power Station with a capacity of 237 Kw with an annual generation of 265 MWh. will be able to provide for 91% (of the volume of consumption for 2018) of the housing and sub-subscribers with electric energy of its own generation.

Within the budget of the scientific topic, modern equipment and consumables were purchased. The project executors carried out welding and installation work on the preparation and installation of the Solar Power Station on the roof. As a result, the Solar Power Station was commissioned in April 2019. It consists of 13 different types of panels with a total power of 2 kW with an inverter with a maximum power of 3.2 kW.

From the beginning of operation until October 1, 2019, Solar Power Station generated 1300 kW. n the autumn period, during the modernization, 1.5 kW of generation was added to the existing station capacities and 5 modern single-crystal panels with a power of 300 W were installed. As a result, the total capacity of Solar Power Station is 3.5 kW.

Rooftop Solar Power Station provides the IEE with “green” energy and still to be the main object of research for workers and students of the laboratory of dispersed energy sources. The statistical data of the Solar Power Station work were used in a number of studies for the research work of young scientists and in the educational process in the preparation of the masters of Power Supply Department on specialty 141 "Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics"

Y.A. Veremiichuk, Senior Lecturer, Power Supply Department, IEE