Eric Reinert about economic strategies o successful countries (video)

The world known norse economist Eric Reinert, has given lecture «Economic successes and fails. Lessons for Ukraine» for the students and staff members of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The representatives of academic institutes and members of state power were also the listeners of the lecture.

This scientist is a consistent critic of neoliberalism. He is adherent of ethathistic school of political economy (economic nationalism) which depends the conception according to which the real economic development of country is real only if the union of state intervention of protectionism and strategic investitions, not only because of provision of conditions for free market. As an economic expert, Eric Reinert worked more than in 60 countries. His monography «How do the reach countries got reach …and why did the poor countries stay poor» wrote in 2007, is a science bestseller for more than 10 years. According to the Ukrainian national deputy, the headmaster of Verchovna Rada of Ukraine Kommittee from questions of commercial politics and enterprising, Viktor Halasiuk, who represented the scientific research results of the guest to the public, it became the science bestseller and is translated into 20 languages, One of the main ideas is a conception that a pledge of successful economic development of country is a union of the national intervention , protectionism and strategic investitions. Viktor Halasiuk has managed that «the book is known as one of 50 most influential books of economy for the las 100 years by the World economists association ».

Eric Reinert’s lection was listened with the intense attention by the audience. Its main conception was the idea that the economic basis of the successful country is, first of all, national industry. «Accept of a couple of countries-oil exporters, any other country has not reached the goal without industrialisation», noticed him. He cited some examples from history of countries with different types of economics which he illustrated with diagrams with corresponding economis figures to confirm this thesis. Besides, he projected that reach countries richened because of their governments and elites created, sponsored and protected, during long period of time, only particular branches of industry and services. And that’s exactly the strategy of development of national production is the most productive from all the possible for Ukraine. So, the most important question for our country ,from his point of view, is n introduction of economical liberalism ideas, but the support in development of the real sector and creation of as best conditions of entreprise development, as possible.

After the lecture end, Eric Reinert answered the student’s and teacher’s questions.