FSP student is a double winner

“Double winner” – so they talk at the faculty about the graduate student Arina Kuts, who adequately introduced the Kyiv Polytechnic, having won the all-Ukrainian professional competitions.

A girl with a bachelor's degree in political science from the Taras Shevchenko KNU came the walls of the Kyiv Polytechnic for master degree; she has a clear understanding that the future of our country should be based on the principles of an open information society.

“As a bachelor's student, I heard about the form of government organization through the use of information and communication technologies, “e-government”. Management that promotes the efficiency, openness and transparency of state power and, in my opinion, is capable of forming a new type of state-oriented work for satisfaction of the needs of citizens, general public good and inevitable qualitative changes. Successful launch of public procurement reform, massive disclosure of information in the format of open data, introduction of electronic their services captured my heart immediately, so I went to the master’s course on the “electronic government” in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute to study what I really believe and then believe in what I will do” Arina said.

She has been studying the organization of public administration with the help of information and communication technologies for a year already. During this time the student got acquainted with the theoretical basis, foreign experience in introduction of information and communication technologies, visited a number of profile events and expert discussions. An unusual interest in knowledge provided the girl with a victory at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on specialty “Public Administration and Management”, and then, in the same specialty, and at the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers on work on public procurement.

Incidentally, at the All-Ukrainian contest of student works on specialty “Public Administration and Management” distinguished and her college students,  Karina Prilipenko received a diploma for the 1st place, and Maria Pashchak and Olena Plotnikova received diplomas for the 3rd place.

“We live in a unique period of world development, from all sides we hear about fundamentally new approaches to the organization of this world. We contemplate the realization of the ambitions of Jobs and Gates, the crazy flames of Mask, the important visions of “Make our planet great again”, Macron. startups and pursuing of their own passions, and the key to this is the starting point in these races of Ukraine, the countries in which they are still ahead, in which it is possible to use the best world practices, or to build new, Ukrainian, concepts in which it is possible to reform, create, change themselves and change for the better” – said Arina.

Recently, a student combines training with practice, working with the Ukrainian representative office of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International. In DOZORRO, a publicly controlled public procurement project, Arina helps developing and popularizing public procurement monitoring tools and explores public procurement practices in practice.

A.A.Melnychenko, Ph.D. scientific director of the chair of theory and practice of management