Kyiv through artistic vision

The exhibition, which opened on December 4 at the Center for Culture and Arts of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, will not leave any spectators indifferent. After all, watercolors and graphic works of forty artists and architects, whose work is exhibited on it, is dedicated to Kyiv. Actually, it is called “Kyiv through the eyes of Ukrainian artists and architects”. Most of the authors are from Kyiv, with some of them being graduates of the Publishing and Printing Institute of our university. These are members of the Creative Union “Spiral”, Kyiv watercolors, architects and graphic artists. However, there are representatives of the Art Street studio at the exhibition as well as nine works by Kharkiv representatives. The curators of the exhibition were the head of the Art Gallery Grigoriy Sinitsya at the Central Committee of Ukraine Viktoriya Tiotkina, the founder of the “Spiral” Olga Bazhenova and the artist Olga Lebedeva.

The works, which everyone interested could see by January 15, are very different in style and outlook. But  what unites them, first of all, is love to Kyiv and art. And yet, the high professionalism of the authors, a good artistic training, experience and craving for creativity – everything’s present. As was written in the preface to the catalog of the exhibition, Olga Bazhenova, “I gathered all the participants to show that creativity unites all. I wanted to show the beauty and skill of different technicians. It does not matter whose technique is drawing, it's important how he does it. Soul and heart, invested in work are of the utmost importance”.

Report from the exhibition in the 7th issue of the program "Events of the KPI Week" by the Media Center of the KPI (04:02)