Our basketball players finished second

Basketball team of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic University, known for its cohesiveness and gaming skills, repeatedly won the competition at various levels. Last year, our athletes won the Student Trade Union Association of Kyiv Tournament, which remained forever in the team's treasury, because it was the third consecutive victory in cup tournaments (2015-2017).

This year, athletes of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic University and Kyiv National Trade and Economics University went to the XIX Cup of Student Trade Union Association in Kyiv. The game was played at the sports complex of our university, where a fierce struggle between its participants unfolded. Already after 14 years from the beginning of the game, students of polytechnics threw the ball into the basket and for some time led the score. Our guys often attacked, but the rival was more accurate in the throws. After the first ten minutes the score is 24:17.

In the second period, the score became gradually equal, our sportsmen fail to complete the attacks, and the opponent gradually gwent forward. Moreover, “ours” bravely did not let the rivals to the ring, but the distant, trio of throws by students of KNTEU impressed with their accuracy and gave them the opportunity to go forward. The advantage of the KNTEU players in force training, which allowed them to select the ball became noticeable.

Despite all the efforts of the Polytechnic, the final score of the game is 115: 95 – and the cup will be kept in the KNTEU until next year.

By chance, Anton Liskovych (FPM, 2nd year) of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic University won among the four representatives of the finalist teams, which took place during the game's break, who threw the balls in the basket for the time allotted (13 against 12, 12 and 6 hits of competitors from other teams).

Reportage from the XIX-th draw of the Student Trade Union Association of Kyiv in the 7th issue of the program "KPI Week Events" by KPI Media Center (6:05)