Conference of the Founders of KPI Graduates Association

On August, 28 a conference of the founders of KPI Graduates Association was held at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. It began with the commemoration of Anatoliy Ivanovych Povzyk, who headed the association for more than 10 years and died in June 2018.

The main issues on the agenda were human resources ones: it was necessary to elect a president and the first vice president of the association. The graduate of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute People's Deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Andrievsky was invited to the conference, and his candidacy was nominated by the association's founders for the position of the president of the association. In his speech Dmytro Yosypovych told the conference participants about his plans as the president of the association and about the first steps for the development of the association, including the following: full analysis of existing cases, attracting more graduates to the association and creating the maximum number of projects aimed at the development of the university. The nomination of Dmytro Andrievsky was supported by the participants of the meeting unanimously.

After his election, Dmytro Yosypovych offered a nomination of Yevhen Bulda, the graduate of KPI of 2014 for the position of the first vice-president of the association. The conference unanimously supported this proposal.

Also the conference re-approved the members of the board of the association in the number of eleven people and adopted a number of organizational decisions.

In their speeches the founders of the association expressed confidence that the association will be a powerful assistant to the university and rally around itself all grateful and indifferent to their alma mater graduates.