Procrastination. How cease putting the work away

The word “procrastination” means inclination to postpone important things for later, to replace them with various current occupations. Procrastination causes feelings of guilt, stress, loss of productivity, undermines self-esteem, and generates dissatisfaction with themselves and constant self-justification, a desire to change his life. But most importantly, it is the cause of many unfulfilled possibilities.

What to do with this, how to get rid of procrastination, how to get around everything every day, to be energetic and assembled could be learned on April, 11, at the lecture “Procrastination: How to Stop Defering the Deeds”. It was featured by Karina Kosedubova, a motivational coach, author and host of the Online Transformation School for Procrastination, leading the transformational games Cash Flow, “The Way to Dream” and Goal Maker, author of “Procrastination, or How to Make it to Life”, a specialist in PR, event, marketing.

According to sociologists, 70% of university students consider themselves to be chronic procrastinators. Apparently, this is why students have made up most of the lecture audience.

They learned that procrastinators are not lazy people. These are people who are accustomed to substituting important things with a bunch of different minor things. Karina introduced the students with effective tools that help them understand what matters, and which ones are not, advised how to find a balance in life, and wished the participants of the lecture every day a step by step approach to their goal.

Tips from Karina Kozedubova: Plan your life, make a list of issues every day, take your time, use rituals and encourage yourself to do tasks successfully and timely. Realize that procrastination is a powerful daily habit, and it is possible to overcome it only by developing a new useful habit – to act every day!

The participants put a lot of personal questions to Karina, thanked for interesting and useful information for life, asked if the lecture is planned for such or close topics to invite their friends and acquaintances to a future lecture.

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