The realities of the present require young people to develop their personality constantly. A modern specialist should be able to work on increasing his leadership potential, degree of self-awareness and self-control, defining personal goals and plans of development, improving social communication abilities independently.

On March 14 at the Scientific and Technical Library of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, a business coach, financial expert, master of economics, founder and leading trainer of the Business School of Proactive Managers Julius Nekrasov, delivered a lecture on “Personal Efficiency”.

Students learned how to systematize their own experiences and develop their personal skills in areas such as performance management, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and get acquainted with the art of giving opinions. They discussed how the effectiveness of the person affects self-awareness and self-control, and how with the help of self-motivation to achieve certain goals. They came to know about how emotions affect the mental and physical health of man, on its performance, what is charisma, why and how it needs to develop it, and much more. Julius Nekrasov gave participants a lot of useful tips on the development of personal effectiveness of a modern person.

At the end of the lecture, Julius Nekrasov answered the students' questions and they expressed a general desire to meet such a motivating trainer during new lectures.