Personal shaping championship 2017

In order to promote sport and healthy lifestyle a personal shaping primacy among students from the Igor Sikorskiy KPI took place on December 15.

The competition was attended by students FEL, IPSA, ITS, VPI, FIOT, FEA, FBT, FBMI, FMF, TEF, FMM, FPM (31 persons together).

In the solo performances Anastasia Mitsukova, gr. DV-71 (FEL) took the first place (8,2 points), the second place – Sofia Lupanenko(8,2 points), gr. KA-66 (IPSA), the third place – Olga Papushoy(6,6 points), gr. TI-72 (ITS).

In the paired performances, the FEA team won the first place – Olga Yudina, Oleksandra Tolkachova, gr. ED-71 (8,6 points), the second place - FBT team: Yaroslava Antypova, Marina Muzya, gr. BM-71 (7,6 points); the third place was taken by the team of the VPI - S.I.Koval, S.Garmata, gr. ST-71 (7,6 points).

In team appearances with the participation of 3 students, the first place was taken by the TEF team - N. Vakhromov, U. Zhurahovsk, O. Kovalchuk, gr. TI-71 (9 points), the second place - FMM team: P. Pashchenko, Y. Zaliz'skaya, D. Podlyessna, gr. UV-71 (7,9 points).

In the team appearances with the participation of 4 students, the team VPI - Eva Mayer, Julia Borzilo, Yaroslav Zagorui, Ulyana Krasniuk, gr. SR-71 took the first place (8,5 points); the second place - team FIOT and FPM in the composition: Anastasia Lohot, Darya Kotova, Natalia Kucheruk, Anna Kucherova, gr. IR-73, gr. KM-71 (7,1 points).

The performances of the participants of the competition were interesting, bright and spectacular. The winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas.

We congratulate the winners and participants of the competition and express our gratitude to the teachers of the faculty of physical education for help in conducting and judging competitions.

S.U. Sharafutdinova, art. Teacher of the Department of Physical Education