On December 5, 2017, a memorial plate dedicated to the outstanding mathematician, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Boris Hnedenko (1912-1995), was opened on the building on 10 Prorizna Str., where he lived with his wife and two sons in 1950s (at that time he was the director of the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR).

At the opening there were Boris Hnedenko’s students and colleagues, who live in Kyiv, representatives of the Kyiv State Administration, as well as his son, Dmytro Hnedenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Probability Theory of the Moscow State University.

Boris Hnedenko has become a world-famous scientist primarily because of his work on probability theory. The main one is his (in 1949) joint monograph “Limit distributions for sums of independent random variables” with Andrii Kolmohorov.

He is the author of the first (in 1950) textbook on probability theory written in Ukrainian. The textbook was later published in ten languages. The second Ukrainian version of the textbook was published in 2010.

His works on queueing theory and reliability theory are well known. He is the author of many works on the history of mathematics and the methodology of teaching mathematics.   

A few knows that after the Academician Serhii Lebedev’s departure to Moscow, Boris Hnedenko headed a laboratory in Kyiv, where an electronic computer “Kyiv” was created and a machine for solving systems of linear equations (up to 700 equations).

He headed the team, which developed the electric diagnosis of heart diseases. Boris Hnedenko is also the author (along with Volodymyr Koroliuk and Kateryna Yushchenko) of the first textbook on programming in the USSR.

Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

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