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You are invited and waited by ancient Kiev - the capital of Ukraine.

Україна. Київ. Софіївська площа, Дзвіниця Михайлівського монастиря

Kiev. This short sonorous word is a name of the city, whose roots go deeply in the ancient time. Its history totals more than 1500 years. This is one of the oldest Slavic cities, the capital of the early feudal state Kiev Rus', the city known in the history as "mother of the cities of Russians".

The oldest building of Kyiv or the love story

Київ. Контрактова площа, 7 - Найстаріший київський будинок

On foreign trips, we are excited to look at houses that the owners possess for decades or centuries. For us it is a real rarity, so the more interesting is the history of dwelling-houses. The oldest residential building in Kyiv has already turned 250 years old.

Opening of the Boris Hnedenko’s memorial tablet

2017.12.05 Opening of the Boris Hnedenko’s memorial tablet

On December 5, 2017, a memorial plate dedicated to the outstanding mathematician, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Boris Hnedenko (1912-1995), was opened on the building on 10 Prorizna Str., where he lived with his wife and two sons in 1950s (at that time he was the director of the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR).

Students carried out green works on the territory of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

2017.03.18 Студенти впорядковували  територію Софії Київської

n the Saturday morning of March 18th, 15 students in ІІІ year in Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection of National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" were doing the unusual for them thing – greening the territory of National natural reserve "Saint Sophia Cathedral".

It makes Ukrainian cinema

День українського кіно у  студійному комплексі

The second Sunday of September celebrates Day of Ukrainian cinema. On this occasion in the studio complex on Troyeschina held open house. We visited there Polytechnic. Production - Production company produces full-length movies, TV serials and shows for television.

First-year students in big city

Колектив КПІ. Команда гуртожитку 7

Quest excursion “The legend of big city”, which is traditionally held by students town NTUU “KPI” for first year students, took place in September 26. In interesting, living form students learned Kyiv, got to know about interesting places and legends of one of the best capital in Europe.

Kyiv Urban Fest in KPI

2015.09.19-27 Другий Київський Urban Fest (KUF2)

In NTUU "KPI" the Second Kiev Urban Fest (KUF2) took place from September 19 to September 27, 2015. This festival became a platform for discussions, exchange of experience and association of efforts of city initiatives.

Students KPI at the Museum "Chernobyl"

Київ. Скульптурна композиція біля "Національного музею "Чорнобиль"

Tornado of Chernobyl tragedy crippled the fates, took health, left the pain and emptiness. People selflessly fought with the consequences of the disaster. The National Museum "Chernobyl" exhibition says about this tragic event. It is located in the premises of the Podolsky fire station of Kiev.

Here brushes still retain a touch of Shevchenko’s hand

Колектив КПІ. Студенти ФЛ на веранді музею Т.Г. Шевченка

If you have been in the Shevchenko lane, near Independence Square, I’m sure that you have been surprised: how among the metropolitan multiplicity, glass bank buildings, Kiev "skyscrapers", trendy shops and expensive cafes survived this colorful house of the first half of the nineteenth century (w

The sadness and the hope of Yanush Korchak. Ukrainian-Polish centre informs

Україна, Київ, вул. Володимирська, 47. Меморіальна дошка на фасаді будинку

Kiev in the frame of Yanush Korchak Days. Last year, the 70th anniversary of the death of the great humanist was celebrated in Treblinka, and 100th anniversary of the foundation of his House for orphans in Warsaw.



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