Professor Gabriella Bolzon from Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy) was giving lectures for students, master's, and postgraduate students over the period from 20 till 24 April 2017 within the framework of international academic mobility programme "Erasmus+" at the Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems of Igor Sikorsky KPI. The visit was organised by academic mobility department, Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems, and students.

Gabriella Bolzon paid special attention to opportunities and benefits of combining experimental studies and computer technologies to determine the properties and parameters of objects.

One of examples of such combination is determination of the parameters and characteristics of operating pipelines and concrete structures of dikes in Italy which was described during the lectures of professor Bolzon. In Italy, there are a lot of operating dikes, built in 40s. The operational life of some of them was originally designed for 15 years, but they work up to this day because of continuous control, monitoring and timely repair works.

Gabriella Bolzon also held a presentation of Polytechnic University of Milan, telling about its faculties and peculiarities of studying. Students and postgraduate students had an opportunity to learn about student exchanges, curriculum subject-matter and educational proposals of the university.

During the visit, the guest met lecturers and staff of the Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems and discussed their research projects with them. Lecturers were interested in the educational process, methodological support and teaching practice peculiarities in the Milan Polytechnic.

Entertainment programme  was organised for Professor Bolzon: an excursion of Igor Sikorsky KPI campus and State Polytechnic Museum, Ukrainian capital sightseeing (Independence Square, St Volodymyr's, St Sophia and St. Michael cathedrals, etc.), Kyiv skylines, visiting a concert of classical music. Mrs Gabriella loves to travel and has visited many countries and cities. It was painted Easter eggs exhibition at Sofia square that impressed her the most.

Yu.Yu.Lysenko, the assistant of the Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems

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