President of the city of Poznan Jacek Yaskoviak: “I hope that contacts between the representatives of the scientific circles of Kyiv and Poznan will expand more and more ...”

Participation in the celebration of the traditional holiday “Freshman's Day” this year was taken by the representatives from Poland. The President of the city of Poznan Jacek Yaskoviak warmly congratulated the first-year students. Despite the extremely tight timetable for a visit to Kyiv, before the celebrations he found a few minutes to answer the question of Kyiv Polytechnic.

- Mr. President, one of the points of the program of your visit to Kyiv was the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. What is it connected with?

- In recent years, the cooperation of the universities of Poland and Ukraine is developing extremely actively. Yesterday the rectors of the Kyiv Polytechnics and Polytechnic of Poznan signed an agreement on a double diploma.

I am convinced that this valuable initiative can lead to deepening of contacts between Poznan and Kiev in many areas useful for both cities. I also hope that such contacts, especially between the representatives of the scientific circles of Kyiv and Poznan, will expand and they will bring many interesting international scientific projects and opportunities for cooperation and personal development for students and researchers from both cities. So, I could not but visit your university, especially since today you have celebration for the first-year students, and I want to personally congratulate them on this event.

- That is, our communications in all spheres are getting stronger.

- Exactly. Due to the launch of a direct air service between our cities, Poznan and Kyiv are now at a distance of a stone’s throw. It's only a half hour of flight. There will be several flights a week, and therefore I have the pleasure to invite you to visit Poznan, to get acquainted with its historical and cultural heritage, to take part in scientific and educational events and to take advantage of the tourist, recreational, sporting and cultural offer of the capital of Poland. I am convinced that during longer or shorter visits to Poznan, everyone will feel the traditional hospitality and openness of Poznan. We invite you cordially and sincerely!

- Well, given that our holiday is about to begin, the last question. Would you like to wish our freshmen and, in general, Kyiv Polytechnicians?

- All fruitful new school year! I would like to congratulate all students and wish them a wonderful new school year, a pleasure from the chosen specialty and development of their hobbies, endurance in acquiring knowledge and experience, as well as successes and all the benefits!

Interviewed by Dmytro Stephanovych