Civil Protection, Safety and Occupational Health in Danish folk school

Four months last year I studied in Denmark elementary school "Silkeborg hojskole." The study was organized within the framework of the youth leadership development. I represented Ukraine on behalf of the youth organization «Club» Compass». This club works with youth and conducts youth trainings and camps throughout a year.

Folk School is a type of informal education for Danish young. The work of the school attended by 120 students, 20 of whom are representatives of other countries. The issue of civil protection, life safety and health is very relevant because the school participants live and eat at the school, study, travel and rest together.

How it is organized.

Fire Security

In auditorium, gym and other areas with high concentration of people are set direction signs "Exit", indicating the way out of room.

All hallways and large rooms school are acquipted with fire signaling, emergency call button  and fire service calling.

Each room has an evacuation plan, developed just for this room.

The school has a number of boards with  portable devices for cardiac defibrillation

Safety on the water

Swimming pool at the school is allowed only in the presence of a lifeguard or two school students-rescuers, who has  appropriate status after lifeguard courses and the relevant examinations.

To use kayaks and canoes is allowed only in the presence of a certified instructor who can be a teacher or a student.

Safety in the classroom

A teacher who holds classes is  esponsible for safety. When working with harmful or hazardous materials (paints, sharp things) we used special equipment to protect.

Working with high temperatures during firing pottery was carried out under supervision of a teacher using a heat-resistant protective gloves and forceps.


In the first weeks of study, all students attended a lecture on fire safety and received instructions for action in case of fire hazard. There was also a practical training of behavior in case of fire danger at school in which all students were evacuated to a safe distance from school. After the evacuation, students learned to extinguish the flame of the solid using fire extinguisher and cloth. In addition, all trained to put out the flames of liquid fuel (petrol) in the tank by limiting oxygen using cover and cloth (see photo).


School students had the opportunity to undergo the course of first aid and / or lifeguard course at the swimming pool, pass exams and get international certificates.

Thus, the issues of civil protection, life safety and health received a great deal of attention  in  Danish school. I hope that my experience gained during the study will help the development of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Overall, it is very difficult to describe everything we saw and learned in Denmark. I note only basic: it was a chance to see different cultures and learn them through students from different countries; it is really important practical skills in leadership, teamwork, working with international culture, project management; it is new friends from different parts of the world.

Sofia Geletukha, 5th year student of TEF