Electronic campus KPI: Steps to improve

A meeting of the working group, created on the initiative of the first vice-principalYuri Yakimenko, on improving the system "Electronic campus of KPI" was held.  

We recall that the Electronic campus of KPI (EC) – is a system of support the learning process. EC is a part of corporate portal in the University.

During the implementation of EC to support engineers its developer - Design Office of information systems - received a lot of comments about the convenience of it and proposals concerning improvement. Many criticism was expressed via social networks. Therefore, in order to improve EC was formed a working group, whose members were the developers of the system and its ardent critics. The group includes: Vladimir Adamenko (RTF), Artem Dorosh (FIVT), Anton Popov (FEL), Julia Makovetska-Gudz (FL), Anatoliy Melnichenko (Dean of FAK, scientific secretary of "KPI"), Eugene Short (FEL) Andrew Havrushkevych (MMI, chairman of the student union "KPI"), Alexander Bychkivskyy (IEE, deputy head of student union "KPI"), Artem Sawicki (Director of Design Office information systems), Boris Yemelyanenkov (head of information), Maxim Motin (fax), Alex Finogenov (FIVT) Mikhail Bezugly (deputy chairman of the trade union "KPI"), Tatiana Matoryna (chief information and computing center of the educational process), Mrs. Melkumyan (employee Design Office information systems), Peter Jablonski (head of Education and organization management "KPI"). Among the proposals that have expressed critics of EC, was a proposal to use for creating a system support the learning process in KPI opportunities of software Office 365 company Microsoft. Therefore, at the next meeting of working group were invited representatives of the company - Head of work with educational institutions of Microsoft-Ukraine Natalia Dorosh and executive director of Ltd  "Group" System integration "- Microsoft's partner Jaroslav Archakov. They talked about possibilities of software product and pricing policy of the company.

The last is very important for "KPI". In passing, it should be stressed that for several years the University was looking for opportunities to collaborate with Microsoft, but because of too high price of its products, as for a budget organization, what is the KPI, it is failed.

However, during the last meeting conversation about a particular cost of the license for the University did not take place, because it is calculated according to certain methods, depending on many factors. Moreover, representatives of the company stressed that the current Microsoft-Ukraine offers to universities  a number of free services, especially in their "cloud" version.

So, panellists discussed the issue of usage of such services for the improvement of the Electronic Campus and the technical aspect of this case: how you can adapt available for university features of Office 365 and its applications to support the learning process at the university, is guaranteed in this safety data, how to make the system user-friendly, convenient for conditions of use "cloud" technologies and online services and so on.

The result of the discussion was the decision that the University will form a team of volunteers that will be engaged in issues of using some technologies of "cloud" version of Office 365 for the needs of the KPI (among them and creating a corporate mail server of the University), achieving interoperability with a number of services EC " KPI "simplify the work in this environment and so on.

Dmitry Stefanovych