"Atlantis" - the club only for strong and extremely courageous students

Colorful students’ summer unnoticed passed into autumn, educational audiences began to make a noise, the lectures started, however, stayed gigabytes of bright photos from summer holidays, travels and journeys. The most romantic and most memorable shots - not from the seaside resorts, but from Carpathians trips and underwater travels. Doubtless, students from "KPI" again have an opportunity to be proud of their university. Exactly in "KPI" scuba diving club "Atlantis" have already operated for about 50 years; this is perfect place where beginners can learn the basics of diving and acquire skills of underwater swimmer. The story that is given below about Alexey Aristov - the club leader and a graduate of "KPI".

Welcome! Traditionally, in autumn diving club "Atlantis" conducts the set of students in its ranks. To become a member of "KPI" diving club can be anyone. Our students have an opportunity to attend free training in the pool, use the club equipment, acquire theoretical and practical skills with academic and diving clubs, take part in expeditions in Ukraine and abroad. You need to: be a student 1-2 courses; pass a medical examination and have no medical contraindications to scuba diving lessons; pass necessary normative on water according to the club`s requirements ; do not smoke.

Club provides an opportunity to pass the course submariner, gain work experience as an instructor, lifeguard, organizer, manager. The members of our club works in summer as lifeguards, instructors, etc., in children’s camps, and sports centers, rescue stations, a diving centers. Besides, club actively engaged in the military-patriotic work among young people, also encourage healthy lifestyles, seek to bring up conscious and purposeful patriots.

Back to the history. In 1965 year in KPI was created diving club "Atlantis". For years of existence, the club has prepared hundreds of divers who successfully worked in the national economy, performed in international competitions, investigated silent world, shared their experiences with youngsters and got incomparable with anything pleasure to enjoy their extraordinary hobby. 

Less students of our club have linked his career with the underwater world. Actually, this is a repeated winner of international competitions of underwater hunting Andrey Lagutin; Andrew Siderskyy is instructor of one of the most famous diver Julia Petrik; both talented underwater photographers Stanislaw Moroz and Leonid Kudin; in addition, both professionals in underwater education Victor Lysenko and Sergei Zuev.

Nowadays, thanks to its technical base, experienced and talented instructors,  efficient technique (with elements of military training swimmers), the club educates real professional divers, who hardened by persistent training, iron discipline, and became not only strong and healthy people, but also courageous and responsible.

Nowadays. Club divers - is not only persistent training and good results, but foremost it is a good company of people that combined their hobby with underwater elements and who are not indifferent to underwater world and the environment.

"Atlantis" - unique company with a rich history and traditions and may be single in Ukraine, where students can become professional for free, gain practical and theoretical knowledge in diving, occupy in the pool, pass practice and have a rest on the seas and rivers of our country and abroad.

Club is regular visit different lakes in Ukraine, deal with various environmental challenges and competitions that allow our club`s member to learn more about underwater world of our country and to get a high professional level and physical preparation. In addition to diving in our program, there are fascinating excursions and cultural programs, traditional games and competitions. In spring was held trip to Kinburn Spit - a unique natural park between the Dnieper-Bug Estuary and the Black Sea, which is still waiting to be explored.

Besides military-patriotic training, we are active fighters for water ecology and environment in general. As a matter of fact, we regularly organize (on a voluntary basis) a lot of environmental actions, clean ponds, etc. Only this summer we took out lots of rubbish from the bottom of the central beaches, ponds in Holosiivska, etc.

For today, scuba diving is costly hobby. Moreover, a lot of our graduates do not leave their hobby and continues to polish their skills and achieve significant results. Nevertheless, a truly good underwater divers and workers are not too many in our country. The door of our club are always open for admirers of the underwater nature.

Our contacts: c. Kyiv, str. Verhnyoklyuchova, 38/1, sports complex "KPI" (Bldg. 24), room. 104 _ Group in FB: https://www.facebook.com/atlantidakpi.

Alexey Aristov, Curator of STK "Atlantis"