Meeting with managing director of «ARCH Ventures Partners» Paul Tark

The managing director of famous venture company «ARCH Ventures Partners» Paul Tark visited NTUU “KPI” in September, 16.

The rector of NTUU “KPI”, academician of Ukrainian NAS Mychailo Zgurovskyi, chief executive officer of Scientific park “Kyiv polytechnic” Yaroslav Kologryvov, the manager of Start-up school «Sikorsky Challenge» Inna Maliukova, managing director of «ILand Management» company Volodymyr Hnat, managing partner of venture fund named after Kalinin Bogdan Andreitsev etc. participated in meeting.

Paul Tark is one of eight managing directors of venture company «ARCH Venture Partners» with its total financial capital of 2 billions dollars. Having its own venture funds, company makes investments into creation and primary development of high technological companies that have potential for rapid business development. These are investments into companies, that were cofounded by prominent scientists and entrepreneurs and that introduce to the market breakthrough innovations in life sciences, physics sciences as well as information technologies. Thus, «ARCH Venture Partners» company is one of renowned leaders in successful commercialization of technologies, developed by different groups of scientific and research institutions and national laboratories.

Rector of KPI Mychailo Zgurovskyi spoke about university, its scientific traditions and development priorities. Later, it was referred to innovative activity of NTUU “KPI” as well as projects that are being realized in scientific park “Kyiv polytechnics” environment and in the course of innovative ecosystem «Sikorsky Challenge” work, in particular. Yaroslav Kologryvov presented these projects, putting emphasis on the perspective of «Polyteko Science City» project realization. «Sikorsky Challenge» festival of innovative projects as well as its participants were also marked out. Paul Tark took a great interest in some last years winner’s projects and the idea of creation of such innovators forum itself. The participants have also discussed a series of issues associated with collaboration of «ARCH Ventures Partners» company, university and Scientific Park as well as its participation in events that are organized in innovative environment of NTUU “KPI”.