Nominal Scholarship Holder Mark Kovalenko

Mark Kovalenko is a student of 6th year of Mechanical Engineering Institute, specialty "Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic and Hydro-Pneumatic automation."

He studies at the master's degree program at the head of the Department of Applied Hydro-Air Mechanics and Mechanotronics Ph.D. Professor A. F. Lugovskiy. Under his leadership, Mark studies the influence of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid in laboratory.

He finds Great interest in so-called "green technologies", and thanks to the teacher of the Department of Mechanics for Materials Plasticity and Resource-Saving Processes Assoc. Michael Semenoviču Trivajlu, already has good achievements in this direction: the patent for utility model "solar heat", and a patent for utility model" Device for converting the energy of waves into electricity ".

Even as a first year student, Mark realized that for the full student life is important not only education but also an active civic position. Therefore, joined the ranks of the activists of the Student Council of NTUU "KPI". Later ran for the post of Chairman of the Student Council IME NTUU "KPI", and for nearly three years he held the post.

During the period of study (1 September 2008) established himself as a diligent and successful student, active in the performance of their student-administrative duties. Repeatedly participated in scientific-technical and scientific-practical conferences and competitions, received a Bachelor's degree with honors. All of this together and it became a prerequisite for appointment of Mark nominal scholarships of Cabinet of Ministers.

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