March 20, 2014 at the fifth international exhibition "modern educational establishments - 2014" NTUU "KPI" was awarded with the certificate of the quality of scientific publications and the Institute of Applied Electronics (IAE), NTUU "KPI" won the gold medal for active international activity in the field of education. These documents are signed by the Minister of education and science of Ukraine S. Kvit and President of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine V.Kremen.

The certificate was awarded for the indicators Scientometrics SciVerce database Scopus 2013 and for prepared by scientists FEL textbooks and manuals of a new generation labeled with a vulture MES of Ukraine, which were exhibited at the show. Textbooks and manuals prepared by teachers and scientists of The Department of Acoustics and Acoustic Elecctronics (V.S. Didkovskiy, S.A. Naida, S.A. Lunova, O.V. Bogdanov, etc.); The Department of Industrial Electronics (V.YA. Zhuikov, T.O. Tereshchenko, V.V.Rogal, etc.); The Department of Acoustic Engineering and Information Registration (G.G. Vlasiuk, V.V. Pìlìnskyi, V.S. Lazebnyi, V.M. Spivak, etc.); The Department of Microelectronics (Yu.I. Yakymenko, O.V. Borysov, V.I. Molchanov, A.T. Orlov, Yu.M. Poplavko, etc.).

For active international activity evaluated productive cooperation of scientists of the Institute of Applied Electronics NTUU "KPI" with the scientists of the Institute of Electronics Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Energy of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in the field of nanoelectronics with the gold medal. With these scientific organizations IAE "KPI" jointly executed the international scientific research on nanoelectronics based on agreements signed by the governments of Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova. The results of research carried out within the framework of research papers published in international books "Nanoelectronics" in 2 books: Book 1 "Introduction to nanoelectronic technologies" (Kyiv, Sofia: 2010), Book 2 "Nanostructured materials and functional devices" (Kyiv, Sofia: 2011) (in Russian) and "Notiuni generale despre micro-si nanoelectronica moderna" (Chisinau: Tipografia Academiei de Stiinte a Moldovei, 2013) (in Romanian). The authors of the international monographs – Yu.I. Yakymenko, A.N. Shmyreva, V.M.Spivak, A.V. Bogdan (Ukraine); G.M. Mladenov, E.G. Koleva (Bulgaria); N.R. Andronati, M.S.Tyrshu, V.P. Berzan (Moldova).

Common work of scientists from Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova are aimed at strengthening professional ties between research and educational institutions in partner countries, training of young scientists of higher qualification, implementation of the results of scientific developments in industry and educational-methodical work.

Congratulations to the teachers and scientists of IPE and FELICITY NTUU "KPI" with obtaining the highest awards of the fifth international exhibition "modern educational establishments-2014" and wish you further successes in scientific and educational-methodical activity worthy students and inspiration!

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