On September 11, NTUU "KPI" was visited by a delegation of the Eurasian Economic Commission Board, led by its chairman, Viktor Khrystenko. After exploring history and the present of NTUU KPI Viktor Khrystenko delivered a lecture to University students and instructors on "Experience and perspectives of the Eurasian economic integration. Global context."

His speech caused extreme interest with university public – in the Academic Council hall a needle had no place to fall. It is not a surprise: for many years Victor Khrystenko was holding senior positions in the leadership of the Russian Federation, so his information is literally the information from the horse's mouth.
Communicating with KPI students and instructors Viktor Khrystenko told about the goal of creating ECE, principles which the work of this supranational body is based upon, organizational structure and areas of its work. He turned his attention to global integration trends and challenges faced by the economies of different countries. Given that the ECE main objective is to provide conditions of functioning and development of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space and development of proposals for further development of integration of its member countries, Viktor Khrystenko told in his lecture about the main stages of integration and its prospects.

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