Treat genyantritis without centesis (doctor’s advices)

In America, according to the statistic center, sinusitis became the most widespread chronical illnesses. Almost every 8th person either is ill or recovered from sinusitis. Among them every 3th person comes to doctor’s with already neglected, chronical form of the illness.

Why is it happening? That is easy to explain − sinusitis can begin and appear in a form of extremely usual and harmless at the first sight rheum. The rheum passes and then in a while rises again, but we don’t pay any attention on it. And sometimes sinusitis includes strong headache, which people can suffer from for several years. Sometimes chronical sinusitis develops in a result of wrong treatment of rheum. Let it flow from my nose – why should I see a doctor, that is what we tell ourselves and take responsibility for treating on ourselves (that is actually full irresponsibility). Stop up the rheum by frigorific nasal drops, have visual result and get the illness inside.

The reasons of acute illness and its exacerbation in sinusitis are mostly ARVI, flue, hypothermia, injuries, and also if outflow from sinuses is disturbed by polypus, enlargement of scroll-bone, deflection of nasal septum and also dental disorder, (especially the upper teeth). So don’t do self-treatment and go to the doctor’s.

The earlier you ask for help, the easier will be recovering from illness.

I.O. Borovska, ENT of 1p/d.