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22 червня

22 червня – The Commemoration Day And the Day of Commemoration the victims of war in Ukraine

2018.06.22 День Скорботи і вшанування пам'яті жертв війни в Україні

Dear Polytechnics! Each year on June 22 our people commemorate the memory of millions of Ukrainians, whose life was taken during the Second World War.

June, 22– Day of sorrow and commemoration of victims of World War II in Ukraine

22 червня – День скорботи і вшанування пам'яті жертв Другої світової війни в Україні

On 22 of June, Kyiv polytechnics commemorated all those deceased during World War II.

June 22 - Day of mourning and commemorating war victims

2015.06.22 День скорботи і вшанування пам’яті жертв війни

The Second World War (01.09.1939 – 02.09.1945) – the bloodiest global conflict, in the course of which died, according to various estimates, from 50 to 85 million people. As the terrible tragedy it is remembered and commemorated around the world.


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