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IEE presents the results of the energy survey

ІЕЕ презентує результати енергетичного обстеження

Students of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of the Igor Sikorsky KPI conducted energy survey and thermal imagery survey in 27 educational institutions of Solomyansky district of Kyiv last year. According to the results of the surveys, proposals were made on how to make these institutions more energy-efficient. The works were carried out within the framework of the Agreement on cooperation between the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Solomyansky District in Kyiv, the State Administration and the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management.

Students of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management Dmytro Dudarchuk and Sergey Tchaikovsky conducted an audit of the secondary comprehensive school № 229. Energy Efficiency of Igor Sikorsky Polytechnic Lyceum KPI was studied by Alexei Bespaly and Victoria Chernadchuk. In the secondary school № 166, the energy audit was conducted by Natalia Derevyanko and Maria Vdovichenko, and in the PEI № 677 - Tetyana Ovcharenko. The results of the energy audit were presented to employees and schoolchildren of these educational institutions. The directors of schools and preschool educational institutions were able to communicate with project implementers and receive qualified answers and recommendations on energy saving issues.

In Solomyansks administration there was public defense of three best course projects on energy audit - Lyceum "Prestige", kindergarten № 464, gymnasium № 178. The presentation was attended by the head of the Solomyansks administration Maxim Shkuro and heads of administration departments, representatives of the public, heads of condominiums, representatives of industrial enterprises of Solomyansky district, as well as management and representatives of the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Maxim Shkuro said: "We initiated cooperation with the Igor Sikorsky KPI to survey schools and kindergartens in the district. As a result, we have to develop the most optimal energy-saving measures. Most of the objects are beyond the bounds of energy-efficient consumption. So this presentation is another step to the introduction of practical measures on each particular object".

Olena Horpinchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Solomyanska Administration, thanked students and teachers who have done significant work in the district's educational institutions and noted that the district plans to implement these energy-saving measures in practice.

Now, a list of new facilities for energy audits has been agreed upon between the Solomyansks administration and the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management. To it, in addition to educational institutions and residential buildings, included industrial enterprises of the district.

Yuri Veremiychuk, Ph.D. in Engineering, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Electrical Supply

(Переклад Цвик Н.П. ЛА-42)


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