Andriy Kirichok: Accurate communication and information management

       We live in the world of communication, as up to 70% of entire time people spend on communication: writing, reading, speaking, listening. Only communication provides the transmission of information and ideas. It is a process that facilitates the society evolution. According to Andriy Kirichok, the teacher of the IPP, the winner of the contest "Young Professor-Scientist-2017". He considers that the future of the world is in communication. Those ones who know how to communicate properly and know how to find an individual approach to the person they talk to and can skillfully manage the information will succeed.

       Andriy is a student of the Kyiv Polytechnic. He entered the  Institute of Publishing and Printing for the major - "Advertising and Public Relations" in 2009. He proved himself as a diligent student, he received a rector's scholarship (2011), received a scholarship from the President of Ukraine (2013), and he was the winner of the Kyiv Public Administration Award (2015). In parallel with studying, he played at the university basketball team. He was on board of  the Ukrainian national team and participated in the 27th World Universiade in Kazan, in 2013. He holds the title of candidate for the master of sports.

       In the magistracy, the young scientist began to actively engage in scientific work, wrote articles and took part in conferences. In 2015, he graduated with honors and enrolled in postgraduate studies. He was writing a dissertation in the sphere of social communications by choosing the branch of applied social and communication technologies. The work is devoted to improvements of the specialists training in the field of public relations. Andriy points out that the PR specialists have to determine the information agenda of Ukraine and form a protective shield in confronting hybrid aggression. In September 2016, he defended his Ph.D. thesis and continues to work at Publishing and Editing Department.

       In 2017, he published the monograph "The theory and practice of creating a modern educational model in the field of PR". According to him, only a conscientious work allows person to achieve something in life, but the most important is to do one’s favorite thing, which brings pleasure. “If you have a favourite pursuit to do with the soul, that can be your profession, then you are a happy one”. However, Andriy is confident that you should be always ready for difficulties and “each victory consists of hundreds or even thousands of hours of titanic work, and it does not matter whether it is sports, science or something else”. “If a person can patiently pass this way, then she or he will certainly reach its goal"

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