The results of the second spring academic year 2014/2015

The second certification 2014/2015 spring semester of the academic year took place from 11 to 18 May 2015

In the appraisal was attended by students of 1-3 courses a total of 12,837 people, which is 1,437 more students than last year. Among them certified in all disciplines for the second appraisal 5215 (40.6%) students and 3569 (27.8%) qualified students from all disciplines in both assessments.

The number of students unattested of three or more disciplines on the second appraisal is 2657 (20.7%) in the past academic year, the number of such students was 2,761 students, or 24.2% of students who participated in the evaluation.

The proportion of students from all disciplines unattested compared to last year (71 people, 0.6%) decreased and now it is 0.5% or 68 students.

The number of students in all disciplines Unverified on both attestation is 34 persons. The largest number of students at the FMF (1.6%, 3 persons), IFB (0.9%, 4 persons) FBMI (0.8%, 3 persons), FAX (0.7%, 2 people). On the other faculties / institutes such category holds a share less than 0.6% of all students or not at all.

For a more detailed review report posted on the website DNVR (