Results of students attestation of I-III years in the spring term of 2013/2014 academic year

Considering the objective circumstances connected with a difficult situation in our country, the administration of university made the decision on change of the educational process schedule and carrying out uniform term attestation in a spring educational term from 22th to 26th of April, 2014.

11 400 students of the I-III years took part in certification which is slightly less, than last year. We have the greatest contingent of students on the 1st course which almost twice exceeds the contingent on the 3rd year. Distribution of students on faculties indicates increase in the contingent of students on technical specialties.

Кількість студентів, що атестовані з усіх дисциплін

The number of students who have been qualified in all subjects, compared to the previous academic year decreased to 4644 people at a relative measure of 41%. The greatest difference in number of students who have full attestation, is observed on the 3rd year where their quantity makes 42% against 50% last year. The smallest recession of progress is shown by students of the 1st year (40% against 42%).

The number of completely not qualified students are 72 people at the university, from which 58 are the first-year students.

 кількість студентів, неатестованих з трьох і більше дисциплін

Unfortunately, the number of students who haven’t been qualified in three and more subjects considerably increased. They are 2761 in this academic year. However, they were 1886 last academic year. More than 45% of such students is first-year students and approximately 35% is the second-year students, due to the fact that junior students are more difficult to get used to change the learning environment. In relative terms contingent on the number of qualified students in three and more subjects is 24%, which is 8% higher than the previous academic year.

We consider it necessary to focus attention on the current progress of first-year students: from 4624 students only 1857 can successfully pass the examinations. Problems with the academic debt have 1198 students, more likely that 58 won’t pass the examinations.

Therefore, for the student’s contingent preservation purpose and granting opportunity as a whole to successful students to continue studying, the administration of university recommends:

  1. Head of the Department to provide additional consultations; to develop schedules and provide possibility of working off with students and ensure laboratory work missed by students in nonlearning time until the end of an educational semester;
  2. Teachers to hold an additional consultations with students; to give students the opportunity to pass fulfilled laboratory works, practical tasks, etc., and to perform individual tasks in the content, provided to the rating system of estimation (RSE) of disciplines;
  3. In 2014/2015 academic year to resume practice two semester attestation practice with the analysis of the current student progress and the flexible response to the received results according to the Regulations on educational process organization in NTUU “KPI”.

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Translator: Нечепорук Олександра ЛА-13