The Results of The First Credit for the Autumn Semester of 2013/2014 Academic Year

The first autumn credit for the students from the first to the fourth year of the current year was conducted at the eighth academic week. The whole amount of students that took part in it is 15594 people.

According to the credit results the number of students who got credits is 6794 people (or 43, 6 %) During the previous academic year the number of such students was 7591 people (or 46, 4 %) As opposed to the previous years the distribution of completely attested students due to their courses is uneven. The highest amount of those is in the first year (47, 7 %), the lowest is in the second year. The number of students who got credits from all subjects in the third and fourth year is almost equal and is accordingly 42, 1% and 42, 7 %

The best results as to getting credits have the students of the Faculty of Linguistics (73,2 %), the Department of Technology and Economics of Printing Production (62,9 %), the Faculty of Management and Marketing (54,4 %), the Faculty of Chemical Technology (50, 7 %), and Intercollegiate College of Medical Engineering (48, 7%). The first three of them have been already several years among the five faculties and institutes whose students show the best studying results. But the students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology have endeavoured to join their faculty to the best.

The amount of students who didn't get credits this academic year is lower than the previous one and is 83 people. It is noteworthy that only in the Institute of Physics and Technology (PTI), the Institute of Telecommunication Systems (ITS), Faculty of Electric power engineering and Automatics, IASA, FPM, EPI and the faculty of Chemical Technology there aren't students who didn't get credits. Beside that in ITS and FPM during the last three years all of the students receive credits.
The number of students who didn’t get credits from three or more disciplines is quite substantial 2953 persons (or 18.9 %) that is the worst index during the past three years. It's nice that the smallest number of these students is the first year students (15 %) and it makes it possible to expect a general improvement in learning achievement of students in the future. The smallest number of students who didn’t get credits from three or more subjects is the students of FL (1.6%), FEA (13.6 %), IPSA (14.4 %) and HTF (14.8 %).

Unfortunately, the absolute progress of foreign student is relatively low. This year compared to the previous one the relative number of foreign students who got credits in all subjects decreased from 29.4 % to 27.6 %. Moreover the number of students who didn’t get credits from three or more disciplines has increased by the 1.8 %. The number of foreign students who didn’t get credits from all subjects has remained almost constant at 2.4%. Such trends cause concern and require more attention from the teachers and the administration of the departments and the institutes to the international students.

We wish all students successfully overcome a second round of getting credits scheduled for the 2-nd – 8-th of December 2013 and the winter session. Good luck in learning, dear students.

Let celebrated International Students Day inspires you to success and creative achievements.

The information of the Department of Education

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