Young Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists are the winners of the MES competition

"Autumn counts for everything," people say. And it is great when you can be proud of the results. For example, the All-Ukrainian competition "Young Scientist of the Year", organized by the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, has recently come to an end.

Among the best - seven representatives of our university, who won in various categories:

Georgii Vasyliev, candidate of technical sciences, Deputy Head of the SEP (nomination "Chemical Technologies and Bioengineering"), 

Victoriia Vorobyova, candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor

XTF (nomination "Inventor of the Year in the field of chemical and biological sciences"), 

Igor Ivitskyi,candidate of technical sciences, doctoral student of IHF (nomination "Best Business Case of a Scientist"), 

Yulia Miroshnychenko,candidate of technical sciences, researcher of XTF (nomination "Popular Science Television Program"), 

Stepan Piltyai, candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor of RTF (nomination "Young Methodist of the Year in Physical Sciences"), 

Eugene Solodkyi, candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher (nomination "Materials Science"), 

Inna Trus, candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor of IHF (nomination "Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture"). 

All of them received certificates of the laureate and the statuette "Young Scientist of the Year".

The organizers sought to "publicly recognize and reward Ukrainian scientists, engineers and researchers who have shown great potential and creativity, made a significant contribution to research and science.” They also noted charitable and public activities, protection of Ukraine's interests, promotion of further development of Ukrainian science, growth of the country's potential, increase of its authority at the international level. The nominations of the competition, about a hundred of them, also concerned the popularization of science, natural and mathematical sciences, and other achievements in various fields of knowledge. 

It should be noted that all the winners representatives of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute  - at one time were the winners of the university competition "Young Teacher-Researcher", some more than once. Some of them received nominal scholarships during their student years, some successfully presented their innovative developments at the Sikorsky Challenge Festival, and publications in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute electronic archive. The newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" has repeatedly told about them on its pages, in particular: About Georgii Vasyliev - "KP" №15 / 2011, №25 / 2016, №27-28 / 2021; about Victoriia Vorobyova - "KP" №7 / 2018, about Igor Ivitskyi- "KP" №27 / 2016, about Yulia Miroshnychenko - "KP" №7 / 2016, №41 / 2010 and №6 / 2018, about Stepan Piltyai - "KP" №26 / 2005, №19 / 2010, about Eugene Solodkyi - "KP" №6 / 2018, about Inna Trus - "KP" №7 / 2016. 

As we can see, young researchers grew and became courageous, from successful students grew curious graduate students and young scientists who worthily represent scientific schools and continue the glorious traditions of Kyiv Polytechnic.