The student group of IEE went on the excursion to a gas turbine power plant which was a part of a study visit to Germany

15 undergraduate students of IEE visited a German modern power company, "Trianel Gaskraftwerk Hamm GmbH", a gas turbine power plant located in the Gamma suburb (pictured). The sightseeing excursion for the students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was organized by the specialists of the Gamma-Lipstadt University of Applied Sciences within the framework of the DAAD project "Study visit of a group of Ukrainian students to Germany: German-Ukrainian cooperation for practically oriented and up-to-date education of electrical engineers".

The students had learned about the project implementation of construction of this 850 MW power plant, erected only 10 years ago, about the principles and features of the technological process of generating electricity using gas turbine plants, and that some functions of the enterprise are performed by subcontractors to save costs. During the excursion, considerable attention was paid to the transformation of the German electricity sector - the gradual transition from traditional to renewable sources of electricity generation. As the rules of the electricity market provide for the purchase primarily of electricity generated by solar and wind power plants, the gas turbine power plant is used only to cover peak electrical loads of the grid. At the time of the tour, the company was operating in standby mode.

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