Students Igor Sikorsky KPI at the Belarusian tournament

Student tournament on natural sciences had been passing from April 3 to April 7, 2017 in Minsk (Belarus). It was named STNSD (Student tournament of natural science disciplines). The Igor Sikorsky KPI was represented by the team of ChTF and FBT: students of the 4th year Ivan Kulik, Daria Zyryanova, Nikita Bas and graduate students of FBT Marina Korshevniuk and Elizabeth Tymoshenko (pictured). Valentina Polyushchuk (assistant of the senior professor of industrial biotechnology), Larysa Petrivna Dzigun (senior professor of the Department of Industrial Biotechnology) and Andriy O. Kushko (senior professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances) were academic advisors. Firstly before joining the competition, they had to pass internal and correspondence tours which our students coped successfully.

STNSD— is interdisciplinary team competition for solving applied scientific tasks among students and undergraduate students in chemistry, physics and biology. The tournament is held with the purpose of increasing the scientific and cognitive activity of young people, to create a positive motivation to study the subject and future professional activities, to acquaint participants of the tournament with the methodology of scientific activity, to teach work with scientific information.

The confrontation took place in the form of scientific fights, where each competitor showed his/her skills as a speaker, opponent and supervisor. Among the topics that were considered by the students of the Igor Sikorsky KPI were such as: global warming, pollution by the microplastic of the oceans, neural networks, the use of xenon biosensors, etc.

Among of 16 participating teams, out team "Amalgam", won the honorable third place, and were rewarded the third degree diplomas and practical gifts from the project partners.

Future plans include an entrance to a Masters degree programme, participation in similar projects, but with their own ideas, work on a their specialty.

Participation in such projects develops self-confidence, helps speak freely and rises an active position in relation to topical issues of modern science.

Daria Bas, FBT student