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Yermakov V.

Ermakov Vasily Petrovich

Фото. Єрмаков Василь Петрович

Ermakov Vasily Petriovich  - a Doctor of pure mathematics, honorary Professor University of Kyiv (1890), Corresponding Member of Petersburg Academy of Science (1884). After graduation University of Kyiv in 1868 he was admitted as a scholarship to prepare for a professorship.

Commemoration of V.P. Yermakov

2017-03-16 Вшанування пам'яті В.П.Єрмакова

March 16, 2017 was the 95-th anniversary of the first head of the department of mathematics in KPI Vasyl Petrovych Yermakov death (1845-1922) . This personality has introduced the tradition of high-level teaching of mathematics at the Kiev Polytechnic institute.

Yermakov Vasyl Petrovych - the first head of the department of mathematics in KPI

Єрмаков Василь Петрович

Honoured professor of Kiev University and corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences V. P. Yermakov was invited to KPI to give lectures in mathematics in 1898. A year after this event at a meeting of the KPI council, the university’s principal V. L.

Mathematical constellation KPI. By the 115th anniversary of the Kyiv Polytechnic

1902. Загальний вигляд креслярської

Since the foundation ща KPI mathematical preparation was attached special importance here. By decision of the first principle of KPI V.L.Kyrpychova for teaching this discipline were invited to Kiev the best mathematics of the time - professors V.P.Yermakov and B.Ya.Bukreyev.


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