Department of General and Theoretical Physics (KZTF), FMF

Department was founded in 1981. First Head of Department was professor Volodymyr Tronko, the renowned specialist in magnetic optics and its application to the measurement of signal of various nature. He was the Head of the Department until 1998. That year the Department was headed by the Head of Department of Nonlinear Physics of Condensed Matter of Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of the NAS of Ukraine, at that time corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Vadym Loktev - world renowned theoretic physicist in the field of solid state theory, optics, magnetism, low temperature physics, particularly, macroscopic quantum effects. To him belongs the forecast of several effects-biexсiton split and polarization of lines of doubled absorption in solid oxygen and its spin structure , which was named after him, one of phases of solid oxygen, new linear by field magnetooptic effect in magnetically ordered systems, theory of change of polarization direction of spin-polarized current, which flows throw spiral structures, which is important for spintronics, theory of rebuilding of nonideal crystals spectra, theory of formation of impurity states in Dirac systems of graphene type, generalization of operator of spin-orbital interaction and so on.

Other prominent specialists work in our Department and teach basic courses, such as professor Andrei Snarskii -author of numerous papers on theory of physical properties of nonuniform, including fractal, matter, one of the authors of the model, named after him, for description of heat and electric transfer in spatially nonuniform systems, which is widely used in technics and machinery, laureate of Ivan Pulyui Award for NAS of Ukraine (2018) ; professor Viktor Kalita is known for his work in theory of magnetic crystals with strong spin-orbital interaction, which makes their properties very specific and peculiar, and also works on statistical methods in theoretical physics and magnetoelastic properties of magnetoelastics; professor Alexandr Brodin -author of numerous results in physics of liquid crystals and molecular physics, professor Igor Linchevskyi, who discovered and thoroughly investigated the influence of elastic interaction on Faradays effect and proposed to use it for observation of magnetic materials, particularly films.

The great number of highly experienced associate professors and senior teachers, who are specialists in different branches of general and theoretical physics, works in the department with passion, inspiration and respect towards our students, to help them learn and love the difficult, but beautiful, world of physics, taking into consideration needs and direction of work of different faculties of our university.

They are: Valentin Briginets (optics of solid state), Lilia Ponomarenko (history of physics), Igor Repalov (magnetooptics, methods of distance education), Ivan Skitsko (semiconductors), Pavlo Trotsenko (magnetic properties of crystals), Oleksandr Danylevych (theory of magnetic effects), Olena Dimarova, Iryna Ivanova, (magnetism), Olena Klymuk, Viktoriia Khist, ArtemZabuga, Ievgeniia Korniienko (magnetism), Natalia Yakunina (optical properties of solid state).

We have young promissing teachers, which can become qualified lecturers, bur, for now, work mostly on practical and laboratory lessons, while preparing for their Ph.D. dissertation. Among them are Vyacheslav Fedotov and, Tatiana Rebenchuk.

The successful work of department is based on the large teaching support staff, which is divided between two laboratories- Optics and General Physics (Head- Oleksandr Dovzhenko) and Cryogen Technics (Head- Oleg Kozlenko). They provide the efficient and uninterrupted work fort the department physical practice, tune equipment, prepare new complexes of laboratory practice and renew the existing ones, and most importantly help student during their practice, while they are in laboratories, to get the knowledge and skills they will need in their future line of work.

The staff of the department expands and betters their methodological skills, each year one or two lecturer enhance their qualification in the institutes of NAS of Ukraine. While working in one of the most important branches of science, lecturers ang engineers of Department of General and Theoretical Physics of Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Ihor Sikorsky KPI do everything possible, so that young people on the way to learn one of engineer profession in different branches of science, technics and production, have the knowledge and skills to work on the brighter and more prosperous future of Ukraine.