Department of  Theoretical and Industrial  Heat  Engineering (TPT), TEF

In the first year of the KPI created Department of Applied Mechanics and mechanical technology in the mechanical department, providing basic training thermo mechanical engineers and engineers over twenty years, a clear division of mechanical technology for machining metals and Heating Technology in the 1920s and later (1930) the allocation of a separate wide-heat engineering specialty.

In 1930 the Supreme Council of National Economy (Supreme Economic Council) USSR approved the decision to create industrial institutions based on university faculties Polytechnical Institute. According to the order of the Supreme Economic Council of 20.03.1930 p. CPI was disbanded, and the order number 1240 of 17.04.1930 p. Based on KPI created eight independent industry institutions.

Since 2001, the department is preparing masters in specialty 8.090510 "Power system." In the same year was begun training on specific plans and programs bachelors and specialists on the basis of educational qualification of junior specialist, which is more discussed below. Completed in 2001 ... 2005 research has been devoted mainly to the study of heat and mass transfer processes in phase transformations in two-phase systems paroridynnyh, opportunities for their intensification and development in this new resource-based heat exchange equipment.

Department of Theoretical and industrial heat engineering of "KPI" conducts preparation of bachelors and masters in specialty 6.050601, 7.05060101 8.05060101 and "Heat power engineering"

Graduates receive a higher education in this field and qualified engineer power engineer or master energy. Level solved professional tasks graduates is between participation in a certain kind of independent leadership these activities in the energy field of engineering and management positions.