Since 1984 Department of Laser Systems and Advanced Technologies preparing specialists in the field of Laser Treatment. The main tasks that can be carried out by specialists with higher education in this specialization are:

a) study of laser beam interaction with materials;

b) design of a new laser equipment for laser technological complexes;

c) operation of laser technological equipment;

d) carrying out repair and commissioning works;

e) design of technological equipment for introduction of the newest laser processing operations.

In 2016 the Department of Laser Systems and Physical Technologies opened a new specialty - Laser Systems in Biology and Medicine, which main goals are:

a) investigation of laser beams interaction with biological objects;

b) design of new laser equipment for impact on biological objects;

c) exploitation of laser medical and biological equipment;

d) development of technology for the production of medical and biological instruments;

e) design of technological equipment for the manufacture of medical and biological instruments.

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