Bulletin of NTUU "KPI". Philology. Pedagogy

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Scientific journal «VISNYK OF NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF UKRAINE «KYIV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE» Series: Philology. Pedagogy, established in 2012, publishes (twice per year) the research results of scientists and graduate students.

Visnuk0001The journal focuses on issues related to philology, particularly, is keen to help make connections between theories, research methods and scholarly discourses, welcomes contributions that critically reflect on current existing philological achievements. Within this framework the journal welcomes scientific contributions to such areas as phonetics, lexicology, stylistics, grammar, translation.

Also this edition covers a variety of current pedagogical issues related to the theory and practice of teaching foreign languages.

The journal aims to provide a medium of information and ideas exchange and interesting discussion of scientific achievements between the experts in the relevant fields.