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Department of GRAPHICS of the Publishing and Printing Institute of KPI named after Ihora Sikorskyi is one of the oldest in Ukraine, which prepares graphic artists, designers of printed products in the direction 0202 "Art" - at the bachelor's and master's level.

Historical dates

  • 1954 – the Education and Advisory Center (UCP) of the Ministry of Education and Culture was opened
  • 1954 – the Education and Advisory Center (UCP) of the Ministry of Education and Culture was opened
  • 1957 - UKP was transferred to the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute in Lviv;
  • 1959 - UKP was transformed into the Kyiv Evening Faculty of UPI named after Iv. Fedorova (KPF);
  • 1989 - KPF functions as part of NTUU "KPI";
  • From 1967 to 2003, the department was headed by an experienced practitioner, theoretician and pedagogue from the profiling course "Artistic and technical design of book products", professor, candidate of art history Boris Vasyliovych Valuyenko. Among the prominent teachers of that time were M. Sribny, F. Yuryev, V. Smorodskyi, V. Lamakh, I. Dychenko, D. Gorbachev, V. Korchinskyi, F. Hlushchuk, O. Miklovda, A. Nechyporenko, A. Krvavych, H. Vorobyova, O. Kuzina..

The creative base of the department in the 1980s became the leading publishing houses of the city of Kyiv - "Higher School", "Veselka", "Dnipro", "Soviet Writer". The cooperation of Kyiv and republican publishing houses with the department was expressed in the work of the Art Council, in the organization of systematic reviews and discussions of published products, in holding regular thematic contests of designers for the best projects of serial literature, experimental layout, the use of course and diploma works as a basis for future real publications.

From 2003 to 2004, the head of the Department of Graphics was People's Artist of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Professor V. Ye. Perevalskyi.

From 2004 to 2006, M. V. Pshenychna, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a painter, was appointed to the position of head of the department.

The stabilization of the economic situation, the development of technologies, the general interest in book design and graphic design in particular, contributed to the renewal of interest in the specialty "Fine Art" at the beginning of the 21st century. Striving for the development of Ukrainian books and printed products, the department created two laboratories - lithography and etching.

The teaching staff was supplemented by O. Lagutenko, Yu. Pshenychny, V. Ivanov-Akhmetov, V. Tsakh, S. Bondarenko, and O. Yaremchuk.

From 2006 to 2017, the department was headed by candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine T. G. Osypova.

The preparation of documents for accreditation and the adaptation of the team's activities in the conditions of the introduction of the Bologna system turned out to be a significant test for the creative team of the department. The educational and professional program for training graphic artists in the design of printing products has changed due to the increase in the disciplines of computer graphics, artistic design, and computer design.

During this period, there was an increase in the number of professors and teaching staff due to the involvement of highly qualified specialists, including honored artists of Ukraine: Oleksandr Ivakhnenko, Nataliya Lopukhova, Svitlana Lopukhova, Oksana Odainyk, Ivan Chernysh, Oleksiy Rudenko, Oleksandr Belyanskyi, Kostyantyn Lavro and People's Artist of Ukraine - Serhiy Yakutovych The success of teaching highly specialized and specialized disciplines at the department is a consequence of the fact that the vast majority of professors and teaching staff are actively engaged in creative production activities. The results of which are well known to the domestic consumer in the form of complex design projects for printed products, book illustration, design, corporate style, etc.

Creative work of students has been activated through participation in specialized exhibitions, conferences, festivals, and holidays, including:

  • All-university exhibition "KPI Talents";
  • International scientific and practical conference "Young Printing";
  • International exhibition "Book arsenal";
  • International exhibition "Polygraphy";

Annual youth exhibitions from the Union of Artists of Ukraine

Annual festival "Book Kingdom".

In addition to exhibitions, festivals, competitions, master classes are constantly held at the department: famous artists, illustrators and designers are invited.

The development of the material and technical base, the creative commonwealth with educational institutions, publishing houses and enterprises of the field, the improvement of the qualifications of the teaching staff contributed to obtaining in 2009 a license for the right to train masters in the specialty "Fine Art".

In 2014, new areas of scientific research were determined and a package of initiative topics was formed:

  • "Improvement of technological means of making etchings and lithography for use in printing" director V. Ivanov-Akhmetov;
  • "Theoretical foundations of modern book design", manager S. Bondarenko;
  • "Development of a conceptual model of a children's book", director T. Osypova.
  • Diploma design and implementation of bachelor's theses and master's theses are carried out in these areas.
  • Since 2017, the department has been headed by N. A. Zhukova, doctor of cultural studies, professor.
  • Today, the department has a highly qualified teaching staff -

    • N. A. Zhukova, doctor of cultural studies
    • I. O. Kuznetsova, doctor of art history
    • associate professors:

      • V. M. Ivanov-Akhmetov, Honored Artist of Ukraine,
      • Olyanina S. V., Candidate of Architecture
      • Osypova T. G., candidate of technical sciences
      • Yu. V. Pshenichny, Honored Artist of Ukraine

      Senior teachers:

      1. S. D. Bondarenko, Candidate of Art History
      2. O. V. Rudenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine
      3. Pshenichna M. V.
      4. Snisarenko V. M.
      5. Tsakh V. V.
      6. M. V. Shapovalenko, ‑ which will have to solve urgent issues regarding the training of specialists at three levels of higher education:
        1. first (bachelor) level;
        2. – second (master's) level;
        3. – the third (educational-scientific/educational-creative) level

        The department pays special attention to the completion of practicals by students, both educational and creative - plein air. Plein airs are extracurricular practical classes under the guidance of teachers and in the form of independent study work. Practices are led by teachers of the disciplines "Drawing" and "Painting". According to the results of open-air practice, traditionally in autumn, report exhibitions of the best works of students and teachers are held in the walls of the Publishing and Printing Institute.

        Completion of internships contributes to the solution of issues regarding the employment of graduates of the department.

        Book publishers, magazine editors, graphic design and advertising offices, printing companies, leading design firms - our graduates work here (creative director, chief artist, art director, designer, illustrator). Their names are heard at art and book exhibitions in Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, the USA, and other countries.

        The department strives to contribute to the growth of the quality of artistic design of a wide range of domestic printing products, seeing this as a powerful means of raising and reviving culture and art.