Department of geo-engineering (GI), IEE

Department of Geo-engineering, Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management, National Technical University of Ukraine " Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
Address: Campus 22, st. Borschagivska 115, k.500, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: 38 044 204 80 08,
E-mail: geobud (at)

The department of geo-engineering (at the time of creation - the department of mine construction, and later geo-engineering and mining technologies) was founded at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in September 1948, in connection with the sharp deficiency in the post-war time of specialists - mine-builders. In the first years of the rebuilding of the completely destroyed during the Second World War mining and processing industries experienced a special need for mining builders, armed with their new technologies, new mining equipment and mining complexes. Over time, the need for training specialists for the construction of underground city facilities was due to the constant increase in urban underground construction - technologists and specialists who can design, build and decorate the interiors of the underground city and its communications.

The department of geo-engineering prepares specialists who are capable of exploiting modern mining equipment at mining enterprises and underground construction sites, have professional training in organizing the production process, can develop technical documentation for mining and construction works, possess a methodology for calculating normative indicators, cost of execution of works and estimate documentation, can develop working projects, have skills in the design of underground structures and the organization of underground space, the wolf apply modern computer technology design, computer-aided design of underground structures and geo-monitoring.

Full higher education in the specialty allows graduates to work in leading positions in mining companies and other profiles. In addition, specialists in the specialty have the opportunity to work in design, research and specialized organizations (institutions for labor safety, emergency management, etc.) throughout Ukraine, including Kiev.

The department of geo-engineering closely cooperates with the leading companies and organizations: JSC "Kievmetrostroy" Concern "KyivPidzemShlyakhBud", JSC "Kyivproekt" SE "Ngconnect" SE PI "Ukrmetrotonnelproekt," SE "Kievuniprom", Institute of building structures, Institute of building production of JSC "Malyn stone crushing plant", JSC Mining and processing plant "Bilychi", Institute of hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of mechanics. S. P. Timoshenko NAS of Ukraine, JSC Kiev plant Granit, plant Korchevatsky building materials.

The Department held the formation of a scientific school on the issues of formation of the geotechnical properties of soils and rocks by means of geodynamics of explosion, which was founded by the head of the Department of state prize for science and technology of Ukraine (1991) doctor of technical Sciences, Professor.G. Kravets.