Department of Engineering Ecology (IE), IEE

Department of Environmental Protection offers Master's and Bachelor's degree study programs “Ecology, Environment Protection and Nature Conservation”, specializations “Environment Protection in Mining”, “Environment Protection in Power Engineering”, “Monitoring and Extraction of Drinking Groundwater”. The programs are intended to prepare specialists of environmental protection, having an expertise in nature resources use, policy and management of environmental protection. Having completed these specializations and having passed the courses in the field of nature resources use, graduates will be prepared to be employed by specialised nature resources use management enterprises, ecological assessments, as well as in the bodies of public administration, such as country administrations and local municipalities. Employment possibilities will be open for the graduates of specializations also in scientific research institutes and private enterprises dealing with natural resources use, power engineering, environmental protection etc.

Graduates acquire knowledge of the established principles, concepts, and methods of environmental protection program work, and skill in applying this knowledge in performing a variety of duties involving the management, coordination, monitoring, oversight, or evaluation of routine programs, projects, or activities. Graduates get practical knowledge and understanding of environmental sciences or related fields (e.g., biology, ecology, chemistry, hydrology, physics, environmental law, system analysis, statistics) sufficient to assess and correlate environmental data, verify results, and discuss technical aspects of work with scientists, engineers, and other environmental experts.