Specialist training in building materials technology course in Kiev Polytechnic Institute have been started since its formation – in 1898 at the Department of building materials technology and mineral substances. The first head of the Department and organizer of building materials laboratory was prof. Dementiev K.G. After Kyiv Technological Institute of Silicates (КТІS) joined to the KPI on the basis of Departments «Processes, machines and silicate production vehicles» and «Machines and devices in chemical production», Department of «Chemical Engineering» was created in the KPI. It started preparation and issue of mechanical engineers for chemical and building materials industry.

Training courses

During 70 years of its existence the Department has trained over 5000 specialists (in 1933-1953 - about 500, in 1953-2005 - more than 4500). Known in Ukraine and abroad scientific schools with priority areas of science and technology were made:

  • the latest resources-energy-saving technologies in chemical industry and construction of building materials (prof. Panov E.M.);
  • the fundamental researches of continuum mechanics and ADS in chemical machine construction process (prof. Sakharov O.S.);
  • fundamental researches of processes, devices and energy-saving technologies in chemical industry (prof. Fedotkin I.M.)

Scientific-research center «Resource-saving technologies» (director Panov E.M.) effectively works as a part of the Department, its funding volume is more than 0.5 mln. UAH per year. The department maintain fruitful scientific and academic ties with scientific establishments of Russia, Poland, Germany, USA, Slovakia, France, Finland, China, Syria.