Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy prepares specialists in the field of development of new materials and resource-saving technologies for all branches of science and technology from medicine and microelectronics to aerospace technology

The teaching staff of the department are well-known specialists in the field of materials science, powder metallurgy, coatings. Preparation of specialists of powder metallurgy at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute began in 1952 at the Department of Metal Science and Thermal Treatment of Metals within the framework of specialization: Powder metallurgy.

Since progressive development of powder metallurgy, by decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Department of Powder Metallurgy and Rare Metals was established as an independent and sole specialized in this field in the system. higher education of the then Soviet Union 19.05.1962. The founder of the department was world-famous scientist, correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Republic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Grigory Samsonov, teacher of many famous specialists.

Later the department was headed by prof. Volodymyr Shlyuko., Assoc. Victor Morozov, prof. Anatoliy Stepanchuk, prof. Petro Loboda.

Now, the Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy is the leading institution for the training of specialists in the development and use of composite and powder materials, special materials for coatings, high-performance emission materials, structural ceramic materials, etc.

The department offers the training of Bachelors, Masters and Philosophy Doctors in a number of specialties in branches 132 - Materials Science and 136 - Metallurgy