Automation Hardware and Software Department (AHV), IHF

Automation Hardware and Software Department (AHS) trains specialists for development, design and operating systems of automation of technological processes and computer- integrated technology complexes .

AСP department trained and internships professionals from 15 countries, including Bulgaria, Germany, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen and others.

The department was established by order of the KPI Rector Prof... Plyhunov OS at number 434 of 02/06/1960 and originally was called the Department of the theoretical foundations of automation. Its first head was Professor Yury G. Kornilov.

Since 2007 position of Head of the Department occupied by Doctor of Sciences, Professor Zhuchenko AI. He is a renowned expert in the theory of automatic process control and has own scientific school. His students are successfully working in Ukraine and abroad.

The department trains specialists in the direction

  • 6.050202 "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies"
  • specialty:

  • 7.05020201, 8.05020201 "Automated process control"

Computer control system is an integral part of any businesses, financial and government institutions. Therefore, rapid implementation and upgrade these systems requires highly skilled professionals who will design, develop and operate such systems.

Specialists who finished training program in our Department gets a fundamental knowledge of:

  • theory of automatic control;
  • programming (Pascal, C, C + +, HTML ...);
  • technology of intellectual data processing;
  • decision theory;
  • technical automation;
  • modeling systems.

This knowledge, combined with diploma of the most authoritative university in Ukraine, will guarantee a prestigious job and provide significant opportunities for advancement.

Department graduates work in many world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Google, Siemens, National Instruments, Mathworks and others.