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Job Fair "Job for you - Spring 2015"

2015.04.16 Ярмарок вакансій «Робота для тебе – Весна 2015»

April 16, the regular job fair "Job for you - Spring 2015" was held at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Academic honesty policy: the experience of universities in the US

Фото. Мельниченко Анатолій Анатолійович

The Conference of the labor collective NTUU "KPI", which took place on April 9 in addition to the collective agreement, also approved the Code of Honor of the University.

International Conference on Sociology "The Great Wars, The Great Transformations: Historical Sociology of the 20th Century, 1914-2014"

2014.11.27-28 Конференція «Великі війни, великі трансформації: історична соціологія 20-го століття, 1914-2014»

November 27-28, 2014, the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Sociology "Great War, the great transformation: the historical sociology of the 20th century, 1914-2014" was held at the Department of Sociology and Law.

November 12 in NTUU “KPI” Comet day! Exclusive interview for Kyiv Polytechnic

Ядро комети Чурюмова-Герасименко. Фото з сайта

Before leaving to Germany for celebrations, the discoverer of the comet Churyumov Klim Ivanovich gave an interview to NTUU "KPI". The main theme - the mission of "Rosetta", its characteristics and importance of the comets study for the knowledge of the world.

Start of events dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko

On March, a solemn meeting on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko has been held at 12 NTUU "KPI". This meeting was the first event in a series of evenings, competitions, exhibitions and presentations scheduled at the University for the next two months.

Educational TV studio: Educational movies on energetics and metallurgy

2010. Таланти КПІ. "Чоловіча робота", Шерепенко Олексій, ЗФ, ЗВ-175, 4 курс

The movie tells about the experience of implementation of automatic control systems in Ukraine’s ferrous metallurgy. In particular, about automatic control systems at Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works, Dnipropetrovsk Tube-rolling Mill and Inhulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works.

Educational TV studio: Educational films on Chemistry

Таланти КПІ 2009. Дощ. Лебедєва О.О., ФМФ, кафедра НГІКГ

The film tells about structure and properties of crystals. The characteristics of different types of crystalline grids are described. The film shows the imperfect crystals configuration and their deformation. Finally, the peculiarities of usage of pure crystals and their flaws are observed.

Educational TV-studio: Instrument and Machine Engineering

2009. Таланти КПІ. Цвіт скумпії. Острик Денис. ММІ, МТ-52

The film describes the basic engineering enterprise shops of serial type and the criteria which form the staff of such companies.

Educational TV studio: Practical hydrodynamics

2009. Таланти КПІ. "Забвение". Смоков Євген, РТФ, РА-81, 1 курс

The film tells about the modes of fluid motion, methods of calculating energy losses linear and local resistance. Due to the pressure fluid leaks through the holes, nozzles and weirs.

Educational TV studio: Films about austronautics

Навчальна телестудія: Фільми про космонавтику

Launch site The Kapustyn Yar can be considered as the cradle of the Soviet Rocket Forces. You will learn about the history of its creation, formation and development, about the city and the people who dedicated their lives to testing of missile technology



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