Vitchyk Julia Juriivna. Up-to-date Technologies in Industry are of First Importance
This point of view has the teacher of Institute of Publishing and Printing of NTUU “KPI” Julia Juiriivna, who became the winner of the university contest “Young academic-researcher of 2011”.

J. J. Vitchuk has been in KPI for a long time. She graduated physical engineering faculty in 2007 on the proficiency “Physical material science” and defended diploma work on topic “Structural phase building and facilities composition antifactional heat resistance materials on the bases of nickel”, which gained the lead on Ukrainian contest of diploma works (Donetsk).
After studying postgraduate course (2007-2010) J.J. Vitchuk started her work on reprography department of IPP. In 2011 she successfully defended the Ph.D thesis “Guaranteeing durability of composition sliding bearing on basis of copper and nickel for printing machine”.

The main idea is increasing of working capacity and durability of high-speed friction units printing machineries by usage up-to-date technologies producing bearings on the basis of nickel and copper ,which is based on receiving goal-seeking technical measure, which provides controlled operational properties highly gifted frictional units. Also, interested in question of establishment optimal technologic conditions of developing and their influence on functional properties of slipping bearings, which made for extreme work conditions in frictional units of printing machines; researching mechanism of formulating antifactional films during high-speed friction of new bearings and its influence on labour ability of frictional unit.

In 2012 the monograph based on the researchers “Up-to-date technologies industrialization of standardized product” was published.

In her work, Julia Vitchuk has more than 50 publications, among them 20 articles were published in speciality publications, 33 lectures on conferences of different level. Got 15 patents of Ukraine, on useful model.

Liliia Skyba