URAN Association

The Association of users of URAN («URAN Association») was founded in 1997 by the Joint decree of NASU Presidium and Ministry of Education of Ukraine as unprofitable organization.

Network "URAN": losses and gains

April 21, 2016 ninth general meeting of the Association of Users of Ukrainian Research and Academic Network "URAN" was held in the "KPI", which summed up its activity for the past three years and the plans for the near future.

Ukrainian scientific citation index

Systemic introduction of citation index as a regulatory parameter of estimation efficiency of the economic research of subject activities began in Ukraine in 2009, however, the situation with access to databases of scientific citation tracking (SciVerse Scopus, Web of Science, etc.) still rem

The conference on the e-Infrastructure development

On the 22 of May, on the premises of our university The Association of Central and East European educational and science networks (CEENET), supported by the EU and the 7th Framework Programme of the development of the EU, held the International Conference on the e-Infrastructure development

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