Systemic introduction of citation index as a regulatory parameter of estimation efficiency of the economic research of subject activities began in Ukraine in 2009, however, the situation with access to databases of scientific citation tracking (SciVerse Scopus, Web of Science, etc.) still remains unsatisfactory.

Another problem is the introduction of scientometric indicators in Ukraine due to the fact that the country's scientific publications are underrepresented in scientometric platforms. Ukraine has significant potential to increase its share in the global information systems. As of the 2013, on the platform SciVerse Scopus 43 Ukrainian journals are being indexed, on the platform Web of Science - 16. The determined dilemma is appointed to be solved, in particular through the implementation of a national database tracking of scientific citations, which would include a wide range of academic editions of Ukraine different areas of expertise, thus allowing to calculate for domestic subjects of scientific activities objectively justified scientometric indicators and make them on their basis informed management decisions development.

The determined way of development is common to scientific-informational sphere of non-English states. Traditionally, heritage of such countries as Ukraine, is not represented in the Web of Science and SciVerse Scopus, which is accentuated mostly purely on English speaking science. Proper citation indexes of scientific successfully operate in India, Iran, Spain, China, Russian Federation, Serbia, Taiwan, Turkey, Croatia, Japan and others. The most successful of these projects are closely integrated with Web of Science and / or SciVerse Scopus, which allows scientists to monitor activities both within their countries and at the international level.

At the beginning of 2014 Users Association of Ukrainian scientific and educational network "URAN" commissioned and financed by the State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine, has completed the first stage of work on the development of hardware and software for monitoring sub scientometric objects research activities in Ukraine.

The project has resulted in the web-site "Ukrainian scientific citation index". The purpose of this system is software for collecting, processing and providing access to data on characteristics of the activity of individual and collective subjects research activities in Ukraine, providing an analysis of general trends in the academic sector of Ukraine, the role of the individual scientists and institutions in the development of national scientific schools. Website, in particular, provides:

  • Viewing of help information about scientists and their publications;
  • Viewing of background information about scientific institutions of Ukraine and their employees;
  • Viewing of analytical information on individual indicators publication activity scientists, citation indexes and key works of scientometric indicators;
  • Viewing of analytical information on performance publication activity and dynamics of citation employees in various scientific institutions of Ukraine and other agencies;
  • Viewing of summary reports of activity publication scientists in Ukraine (a certain region) for a certain period of time.

Databases of "Ukrainian scientific quoting" keep registers of individual and collective subjects of scientific activity. Register of individual subjects research activities provides information about Ukrainian scientists who have international identifiers ORCID. This identification system was the result of agreements of key economic research and information world.

ORCID – is a global non-profit association of open institutions that establish and maintain a registry of unique identifiers of scientists and related information about jobs, biographies, lists of published scientific papers, received grants, registered patents and so on. ORCID is a global centralized list of scientists that stores the individual subjects of the scientific activities of all branches of knowledge and country of origin. Data is supplied in register with the automated control systems of production processes of publishers, universities, government agencies and research foundations, patent agencies and others. Unique identifier ORCID lets reliably and unambiguously associate data of scholars and their activities, and thus, it has ability to track every single scientist in the science world.

Created functional components of interaction with ORCID allow to import lists of articles published by scientists in Ukrainian domestic and foreign periodicals, and, if the information in ORCID is mentioned, it will show biographies of scientists, data about received grants and published patents, information about employment and training, membership in scientific societies, training and more.

Citation indexes system receives information on publications from external scientometric sources. It should be noted that the full valuable use of these sources required registration of licenses in the relevant scientific information providers. According to the results of the first stage of work software "Ukrainian scientific citation index" allows you to import data citation of publications in three scientometric platforms:

  • Web of Science: database of Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index and Conference Proceedings Citation Index. Overall database platform can index 12 thousand titles of most respected magazines, collections of scientific works and sets of primary scientific data. Scientometrics platform device is capable of tracking indicators citations of publications from retrospective till 1900 in the physical, technical and biomedical sciences, till 1956 in the social sciences and till 1975 in art criticism and the humanities.
  • SciVerse Scopus. It contains more than 50 million reference notes with 18 thousand titles of scientific journals published in 5 thousand editions, 350 book series and 4.6 million conference proceedings. It gives citation indexes of scientific papers in journals published after 1996.
  • Scientific Publishing Infrastructure "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine". Project of the Association of “URAN”, technology platform, which provides processes of editorial processing, publishing and post-publishing support of scientific periodicals of Ukraine. Resource is being developed on the basis of voluntary partnerships of publishers. At the beginning of 2014over 130 scientific journals from various regions of the state universities, institutes of the NAS of Ukraine, NAMS of Ukraine, Ukraine NAPS, and magazines commercial publishers participated in the project. So far, only 40 of these publications are full of archives and lists of bibliography suitable for counting citations. However, the editions are actively developing, rapidly implementing standards of DOI ORCID, and gaining worldwide design formats citations. It is expected that by the end of 2014 at least 100 editions of participants in the project "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" will be fully represented in the "Ukrainian scientific citation index".

Software communication gateways "Ukrainian scientific citation index development" with scientific external sources allow to get comprehensive major performance indicators of individual and collective subjects of research: "Number of publications", "Years of publication activity", "Total number of citations", "The number of documents that are cited", " Girsha Index", " Number of citations without self-citation ", "Girsha Index without self-citations", "Percentage of unquoted items".

Now the web site "Ukrainian scientific citation index" still works in beta state. At this stage, the system software finalized, detected and eliminated errors. In addition, we are filling the database register of scientific activity (researchers and research institutions).

The second phase of the project will be implemented during 2014 at this stage such things will be implemented:

  • Registrability of scientists and adjusting their data about their jobs, scientific contributions, received grants, options of name transliteration etc.
  • Functionality of registration and collaboration for collective subjects of research activities (updating data on their employees, options of names, its units, etc.);
  • Extended support of classification of scientific diversity and classification schemes of main suppliers of scientific information;
  • Components of import data from additional scientific information databases and systems;
  • Data export interfaces of scientometric monitoring of external database and system stakeholders in research activities in Ukraine.

The project is important for "KPI". In particular, the "Ukrainian scientific citation index" allows Kiev Polytechnic to access a new level of completeness and timeliness of monitoring the activities of the scientific departments of the University to increase the presence of books in the world of scientific information databases and systems, actively implement new advanced standards of information industry, including DOI and ORCID.

As of the first quarter of 2014, according to the data of Scientometrics platform SciVerse Scopus, "KPI" has 4662 publications. They cited a total number of 8511 publications. Girsha Index for "KPI" is equal to 35. Among the technical universities of Ukraine, these figures are the highest.

Denis Soloviyanenko